Them Thar Hills

Adds gold ore and some electronic intermediates.

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Mining Manufacturing
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  • Gold ore generates in new worlds. Gold processing is slightly more involved than other metals: gold ore is dissolved with nitric acid, and pure gold powder is filtered from the solution which can then be smelted into gold plates.
  • Small amounts of gold can also be extracted from copper ore but the process is very wasteful.
  • Gold is needed for red and blue circuits as well as some green-science-tier electronic and electrical constructions (combinators, accumulators, modules, rail signals)

New Intermediates

Just to add a bit more complexity, flavor, and spaghetti.

  • Gold wires and integrated circuits for delicate electronics.
  • Advanced cables for brute high-voltage applications (substations, furnace heating coils, turbines, etc)
  • Transceivers for wireless devices.
  • Power regulators for machines with a high power draw.
  • Nitric acid for gold processing and rocket fuel.
  • Saltpeter if you have Krastorio 2, added as a byproduct of sand processing. Krastorio also adds nitric acid but you need red circuits and therefore gold to unlock it - saltpeter allows creating nitric acid earlier (but this recipe has a low yield and will not keep up with demand.)

Mod Compatibility

Them Thar Hills is mostly designed with vanilla progression in mind, but contains explicit compatibility with:

  • Krastorio 2
  • AAI Industries/Space Exploration
  • BZ mods
  • My other resource mods
  • Fluids Must Flow
  • More Science
  • Vortik's Deep Core Mining
  • Deadlock stacking and crating

Most non-overhaul mods will work with my resource mods, their recipes simply won't use any of the new items. Mods that mess with the progression of the game can be more problematic - they may break in unexpected ways if they modify item or recipe prototypes dynamically, or be uncompletable if they change tech tree dependencies. Compatibility requests are welcome but supporting every big overhaul simultaneously is probably beyond my ability.

See the FAQ for how this mod interacts with BZ noble metals.