Texugo TA Miners

Big Miners inspired on Total Annihilation metal extractors models, adds 3 tiers of massive miners that can mine entire ore spawns. Last update: 0.18.1 - Small Fixes/changes.

3 years ago
0.16 - 0.18
5 years ago
Latest Version:
0.18.1 (3 years ago)
Factorio version:
0.16 - 0.18
Downloaded by:
67 users

Lvl 1 Miner = Crust Extractor


This is my third mod i'm uploading on the community, english is not my native language (if you notice some wrong words or weird sentence on the mod, please, let me know on the discussion section), also i'm not a snowflake, if you wanna leave your opinion, criticisms, compliments or shitty comments, bring it on!

About the mod

in a nutshell? A bunch of big miners with custom models inspired on the game Total Annihilation. (game is older them most people around here, cant blame you if never heard of it)

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I really appreciate all these translations you all are sending me, i throw them into google translate to see if you are not trolling me and then test in the game to be sure that is working, that's all i can do, if something is wrong or weird in your language, i'm sorry, but i can do little about it, i'm trusting you guys are giving me some quality translations.


Q: How fast they are?
A: Very Fast!!
Crust extractor mines equivalent of 90 electric miners or 45 iron or copper per second.
Moho extractor mines equivalent of 180 electric miners or 90 iron or copper per second.
Mantle extractor mines equivalent of 360 electric miners or 180 iron or copper per second.

Q: They are so fast that belts cant handle! your mod sucks.
A: Put a chest in the exit of the miner and use loaders or logistic robots (a lot of them), another way is place directly on a train.

Q: The miners cost too much / consumes too much energy / pollutes like hell !!
A: Everything was calculate based on vanilla electric miner, cost are bigger bot not that much and energy and pollution are 10% less.

Q: Cant place modules on them! fix this bug!!
A: The miners are fast as fuck, putting a speed module 3 inside a Mantle extractor will do the same effect on 300 speed modules 3 on 300 electric miners, this is why i purposely deactivated the modules, not even beacons will help you.

Happy now?

Q: The mod has 32 MB of size!! its too big.
A: Im not going to lower the resolution of the sprites making them looking like a potato in extra low resolution because you play in a potato PC.

Q: Changed your mind about potato PC to upload a new version with lower size?
A: NOPE, i done it because someone with more actions than words send me the files with lower bit depth, it has 1/5 of the original size and loss very little quality, almost imperceptible.

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