HeavyTank 2° Gen

Not just a tank, its a War-machine !!! 4 tiers of tanks and a lot of different stuff, like acid, fire, storm, piercing, cluster and nuclear heavy shells, rockets and bullets, and a lot of equipments to choose. >>>>READ THE CHANGELOG<<<<<

4 years ago
0.16 - 0.18
6 years ago
Latest Version:
0.18.2 (4 years ago)
Factorio version:
0.16 - 0.18
Downloaded by:
62 users

Tired of the same tank thats look like a old kettle?
if yes, then this is mod is for you.

I know i promised a update after the conversion to 17, and i working on it, but i take the opportunity to make a few more changes than initially planed, like, remake icons, add more stuff (a lot more), including a new building and a new tier tank and ammo. Just wait a bit more.

                           Almost Complete Mod

-4 tiers of heavy tanks, each of with custom guns, sounds, fuels, etc.
-Many types and tiers of ammunitions and rockets. (acid, fire, electric, nuclear)
-A tech tree with some immersive thoughts.
-Custom fuel for tier 2 heavy tank and a new nuclear cell for tier 3 heavy tank.
-Tier 2 tank can deploy vanilla mines. ( Shift + V )
-Tier 3 and 4 tank can deploy Heavy mines. ( Shift + V )
-A lot of equipments for the tanks with new mechanics
+TRUE LASER turrets (vanilla laser are slow as fuck, come on, light travels at 300 Mm/s, my lasers are beans not fucking slow projectiles )
+Tank armor (works like a shield, but is fully charged when placed, dont regenerate itself and dont consumes energy)
+Ammo turrets (mechanics similar to tank armor, "energy" turrets that shots bullets, fully charged when placed but dont recharge)
+Heavy Duty Batteries (6 tiers of very powerful and expensive batteries)
+Diesel and Nuclear equipments generators (compact energy generators that provides a lot of energy but requires fuel to run)

Known issues:
- Conflicts with AAI miner mod
- Conflicts with AAI programmable vehicles, making the tank weapons disappear. (not verified)
- Big Brother mod makes Radar VERY resistant against my tank, Dont drive over Radars if you have Big Brother ( Big Brother Plugin is fine)
- Fuel placed on generators disappear when load the tank in Vehicle Wagon mod
- Mines and Heavy Mines create ghosts FIXED
-Ammo Turrets and Armors lose they energy if moved or removed from grid even if completely full.
-Walls from Force Field mod can insta kill the tank, be careful.

Compatible with Bob's and Schall's mods

Future plans:
-Demonstration Video
-Compatibility things
-Maybe a fourth tier with some insane weapons, like a black hole rocket, dark matter shells, atomic landmine, etc. Let me know what your opinion. (in progress)

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