Texugo Bobs More Furnaces

More Fluid Burning Furnaces Tiers for bob mods and some original Heat Furnaces

2 months ago
3 months ago
Latest Version:
0.18.2 (2 months ago)
Factorio version:
165 times

Adds 2 more tiers for Fluid Burning Furnaces from Bob mods and add 3 tiers of very powerful Heat Furnaces.


Some time ago i tried using Fluid Burning Furnaces from Bobs, and i love it, they where fast and compact like steel furnaces but a lot more simple to feed fuel, but without modules and advanced tiers, it quickly falls behind electric furnaces. After some chat with the autor of Bobs mods, i decided to do it myself (with his permission). Also looking for heat furnaces here on the Factorio Mod Portal, i decided to include my own version.


Q: How fast they are?
A: The fluid burning are equal to electric of the same tier. The Heat ones are quite fast, 17/26/35 craft speed.

Q: How much they burn?
A: Depends a lot on the fuel used, can burn more than 5 hydrogen gas per second or less than 0.1 Liquid fuel per second.

Q: Why Heat Furnaces are so energy inefficient?
A: Half true, if you consider neighbor reactor bonus, they are pretty efficient.

Q: Why Heat Furnaces are so expensive ?
A: They are about the same resources as the equivalent of electric ones.

Q: Fuck, this mod sucks, Heat Furnaces are so fast that i cant use them at 100%.
A: That was not a question, but i highly recommend a Belt Mod and/or stack itens, i personally use Ultimate Belts AND Deadlock Stacking.

Q: Your english sucks.
A: English is not my native language, tell whats wrong and i will fix it.