Adds a host of useful shortcuts to improve QOL. Shortcuts for the artillery remote, discharge defense remote, tree deconstructor, and toggles for equipment, rail blocks and the player lamp. Also adds in a customizable grid overlay, far zoom and an artillery wagon toggle shortcut. See mod portal FAQ page for a full list of shortcuts and supported mods.

1 year, 3 months ago


Before you ask me if the artillery toggle function was copied from another mod:
No, it was NOT taken because it (The artillery turret/wagon switching code and selection tool) was written entirely by me. See the commit dates for proof.

Added in the mod

  • Artillery remote, discharge defense remote shortcuts
  • Equipment toggles for belt-immunity-equipment, active-defense-equipment (Personal lasers) and night-vision-equipment. Please note that if Nanobots is installed, these shortcuts will be disabled (as Nanobots adds in equipment hotkeys)
  • Flashlight toggle (Works when a player character is present - does not work for god controllers)
  • Rail block visualization toggle (This is already present in the debug info panel in vanilla)
  • Tree and rock deconstruction planner shortcut
  • Artillery wagon/turret toggle (Selection tool)
  • Military beacon (basically a better ping shortcut)
  • Alternative zoom out (Grants the ability to zoom out past the vanilla restrictions - adjustable in settings)
  • Chunk-aligned grid overlay (Similar to the SHIFT+SPACE grid, but does not pause the game and has customizable gridline spacing in the settings)
  • Mod support for ModuleInserter, MaxRateCalculator, Orbital Ion Cannon, OutpostPlanner and aai-programmable-vehicles.
  • Auto-generated shortcuts for any mod which adds in selection-tools which don't have a shortcut (If a modder wants their shortcut blacklisted from this script, please let me know in the discussion page)


  • When disabling armor shortcuts in an existing game, ensure that all modular armor equipment is enabled (by removing and equipping the armor or doing so for the equipment) so that they aren't deleted in the process.
  • This mod does not make use of on_tick or on_nth_tick (So it should have minimal UPS impact when idle)
  • When a shortcut is autogenerated, or officially added in this mod, the planner item will be no longer craftable (free through the shortcut), becomes hidden from the technology effects, and can no longer be stored in inventories. Please notify me if there is an instance where a mod uses a shortcut item in a recipe.
  • The names of some shortcuts have strange capitalization or phrasing. This is because I've concatenated some of the vanilla locale definitions together so that it should work in most English-like languages and to save time with locale files
  • The shortcut toolbar has a hardcapped limit of 12 slots. As far as I know, this limit is fixed and cannot be expanded through upgrades, even with modding. You must disable some of the old shortcuts to use the new ones in the bar. You can still use the old shortcuts through the expanded menu without needing to swap out a shortcut (although they won't be so 'short' to use).
  • The shortcut 'expanded' list also has a limit of your screen resolution. To free up space for other modded shortcuts, you can disable the shortcuts of this mod through the startup settings panel. This can also slightly reduce load times.
  • The alternative zoom out option can be overpowered with long reach mods (the ability to place is basically unrestricted)

per-map settings:

  • Enable/disable Military Beacon: Disable use of the military beacon for large servers to prevent spam
  • Enable/disable Alternative zoom out: Disable the use of far zoom when using long reach mods, or for balance purposes on servers

per-player settings (can vary between players on a server):

  • Grid Snap to chunk: The grid overlay is aligned with the nearest chunk (note that if this option is disabled, the thick/bolded lines still appear on chunk borders regardless of where the player used the grid button.
  • Grid Chunk Line Width: The thickness (in amount of pixels) of the chunk border gridlines
  • Low Grid: Whether the grid overlay appears below entities or on top of entities
  • Grid Line width: The thickness (in amount of pixels) of the regular gridlines
  • Grid Scale: The amount of tiles between the regular gridlines. Normally, the regular lines are one tile apart and so have a scale of 1. You can make this value 32 to turn the tile grid into a chunk alignment grid instead.
  • Alternative zoom out Limit: The zoom factor for the far zoom shortcut. Cannot be 0. Note that lower numbers result in further zoom and higher numbers result in the button acting as a magnifying glass, zooming in further than normally possible.