Adds a host of useful shortcuts to improve QOL. Shortcuts for the artillery remote, discharge defense remote, tree deconstructor, and toggles for equipment, rail blocks and the player lamp. Also adds in a customizable grid overlay, far zoom and an artillery wagon toggle shortcut. See mod portal FAQ page for a full list of shortcuts and supported mods.
7 days ago
Owner: morley376
Source: npc-strider/factorio-shortcuts
License: MIT
Created: a month ago
Latest Version: 0.7.3 (7 days ago)
Factorio version: 0.17
Downloaded: 3828 times


If the shortcuts list is truncated by the top of the screen, disable autogen AND/OR individual shortcuts from the startup settings. (I cannot modify vanilla GUIs in any way)

Artillery toggle (Works with modded artillery!) Tile grid overlay (Chunk aligned and customizable)


  • It is also possible to use the shortcut from the expanded list by clicking the small icon next to the checkbox.
  • You can change the order of the shortcuts in the toolbar by dragging the rough square in the expanded list. (both of these work in vanilla)

If you have suggestions for other shortcut buttons or any bug reports, feel free to let me know in the discussion page.
If anyone wants to, or has ideas on how to make more legible graphics for the
* Outpost planner
* Personal laser defense remote
* Orbital ion cannon
* Resource monitor
* Module inserter
feel free to submit them to the discussion page

Todo ( For next release )

  • keyboard binds (customizable if possible)
  • Recursive artillery remote (click on one enemy structure to recursively designate adjacent enemy structures as targets for artillery) [EDIT: This will go in a separate mod as these shortcuts are getting too much for the vanilla GUI to handle...]
  • Support the Picker mods

Ideas for future releases ( On hold - working on nuclear ICBM mod )

  • Stuff for GameViewSettings
  • Custom screenshot (zoom level, resolution, etc. customizable)
  • Autosave button for singleplayer worlds
  • Combat drone full deploy? (Uses as many drone capsules as required to fill the cap to max)
  • Bloodbelt/lamp autowire builder toggle?
  • Personal logistics jammer? (unsure if this is moddable)
  • Safety lock for weapons (prevent the ability to nuke/shotgun/flame your base) (unsure if this is moddable)
  • Polar grid
  • Clock/time played statistics (see player.online_time and game.tick)

20190310: 0.3.0: add in distress flare and ultra zoom buttons, and fix another grid issue i found in playtesting.
20190310: 0.2.2: fix for gridless armor
20190309: 0.2.1: Hotfix for item gen
20190309: 0.2.0: Added toggles for the player flashlight, night-vision-equipment and belt-immunity-equipment
20190308: 0.1.0: Initial release