Schall Radar Alignment

Displaying player's position in coordinates. Assist in radar placement and alignment with an indicator. Designed for OCD players who want to have complete radar coverage of the map, for surveillance or showcasing purposes. (Locale: English, Deutsch, 正體中文, 简体中文, Русский, Português Brasileiro)

2 years ago
0.16 - 1.1

i Russian localisation

I translated English radaralign.cfg to Russian. Link:

5 years ago

Greatly appreciated! It is now included in 0.16.2.

5 years ago

Hi again,
I have a new update adding new options with new text. Can you do some translations please?
Here are the English text:
radar-mod-scanning-radar=Align for mod "Scanning Radar"
radar-chunk-radius=In units of Chunk, 3 for vanilla radar.\nUse value of signal R for mod "Scanning Radar".
radar-mod-scanning-radar=Quasi-hexagonal grid, only for mod "Scanning Radar".

"Scanning Radar" is the name of another mod which I supported. It seems there are no translations in that mod (only EN). So keeping the mod name is okay.
I have used some web translators attempting to translate, but I am sure you will do a much better job than me:
radar-mod-scanning-radar=Выровнять по мод "Scanning Radar"
radar-chunk-radius=В чанках, 3 для ванильного радара.\nИспользовать значение сигнала R для мод "Scanning Radar".
radar-mod-scanning-radar=Квазигексагональных Решётка, только для мод "Scanning Radar".

No problem.
radar-mod-scanning-radar=Подстроиться под мод "Scanning Radar"
radar-chunk-radius=В чанках, 3 для ванильного радара.\nИспользуйте значение сигнала R для мода "Scanning Radar".
radar-mod-scanning-radar=Квазигексагональная решётка, только для мода "Scanning Radar".

5 years ago

Thank you for your very quick response!
The update will be ready tomorrow.

5 years ago

Sorry again, I made a wrong name. It should be the following instead:
Quasi-regular hexagonal grid
, where I missed the word "regular". Please translate for me.

Replace "Квазигексагональная" with "Квазирегулярная".

5 years ago

Should it be "Квазирегулярная гексагональная решётка"?

"Quasi-regular grid" can be translated as "Квазирегулярная решётка".
So no, not "Квазирегулярная гексагональная решётка", if I understood you correctly.

5 years ago

Oh, sorry if my words confused you, I need the word:
"Quasi-regular hexagonal grid"
It is a grid very close to a regular hexagonal shape, needing the "hexagon" part.

Oh, i didn't understood you correctly, sorry.
You're right, "Квазирегулярная гексагональная решётка".

5 years ago

Nice! Thank you for your help.

4 years ago

Hi! Can you help translate a changed text?
The only change is adding "divided by 32 (R/32)", instead of using value of R directly.

radar-chunk-radius=In units of Chunks, 3 for vanilla radar.\nUse value of signal R divided by 32 (R/32) for mod “Scanning Radar”.

Your old text:

radar-chunk-radius=В чанках, 3 для ванильного радара.\nИспользуйте значение сигнала R для мода “Scanning Radar”.

radar-chunk-radius=В чанках, 3 для ванильного радара.\nИспользуйте значение сигнала R, разделённого на 32 (R/32), для мода “Scanning Radar”.

4 years ago

Thanks! This was quick. :-)

4 years ago

Hello! This is the update of the week. Can you help?

The older versions is a checkbox to choose between vanilla square and "Scanning Radar" hexagonal grids. Now I change it to a selection with 2 new options (total 4).
As before, mod name "Scanning Radar" does not need to be translated.

radar-grid-type=Radar grid type
radar-grid-type="Square (Optimal)": (Default) {0, 2r+1, 4r+2, ..., n(2r+1)}\n"Square (Overlapping)": {0, 2r, 4r, ..., n(2r)}\n"Square (Double overlapping)": {0, r, 2r, 3r, 4r, ..., nr}\n"Quasi-hexagonal (Scanning Radar)": Dedicated for radars in mod “Scanning Radar”, which have circular coverage.
radar-grid-type-square-optimal=Square (Optimal)
radar-grid-type-square-overlapping=Square (Overlapping)
radar-grid-type-square-double-overlapping=Square (Double overlapping)
radar-grid-type-hexagonal-scanning-radar=Quasi-hexagonal (Scanning Radar)

Thanks in advance.

radar-grid-type=Тип сетки радара
radar-grid-type="Квадратная (Оптимальная)": (По умолчанию) {0, 2r+1, 4r+2, ..., n(2r+1)}\n"Квадратная (Пересекающаяся)": {0, 2r, 4r, ..., n(2r)}\n"Квадратная (Дважды пересекающаяся)": {0, r, 2r, 3r, 4r, ..., nr}\n"Квази-шестиугольная (Scanning Radar)": Отдельно для радаров из мода “Scanning Radar”, которые имеют круговое покрытие.
radar-grid-type-square-optimal=Квадратная (Оптимальная)
radar-grid-type-square-overlapping=Квадратная (Пересекающаяся)
radar-grid-type-square-double-overlapping=Квадратная (Дважды пересекающаяся)
radar-grid-type-hexagonal-scanning-radar=Квази-шестиугольная (Scanning Radar)

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