Schall Circuit Scaling

Adds scaled down versions in different sizes for various circuit components. With these mini- and micro-sized (sub-tile) components, circuit designs can be made much more compact. It is also possible to construct dot matrix lamp display with finer “pixels”, offering higher resolution! Works best with “Schall Lamp Contrast” mod. Includes lamp, arithmetic combinator, decider combinator, constant combinator. (Locale: English, Deutsch, 正體中文, Português Brasileiro)

3 years ago
0.17 - 1.1
Circuit network


Q: What are the advantages of this mod? Is this mod UPS-friendly?
A: No on_tick event, no hidden (compound) entitites, no hidden surfaces are ever used by this mod. No Lua scripts are involved during updates. So this mod has no factors to slow your game down.
This mod should be super-fast and very UPS-friendly!

Q: Can I convert my existing circuit designs (which are using vanilla circuit components) to these smaller scales, without having to manually replacements??
A: Surely yes. First you should save your circuit design in blueprint. When holding the blueprint in cursor, the new GUI button appears on the top bar. Click on it and the "Circuit Scaling" GUI will pop up. Then a new scaled blueprint will be inserted to player's inventory, at your choice.
See the screenshots on the main page for a detailed guide.

Q: How does the grid alignment works for these sub-tile entities?
A: This mod has introduced own "sub-tile grid alignment" to assist with placement. The "sub-grid" positions are calculated after player has placed those entities, for both real form and ghost form.
The sub-tile grid alignment should work perfectly on direct placements, or blueprints containing a single tier.

Q: Why the blueprint placement (with circuit components of multiple tiers) is not showing exactly? How to solve it?
A: The sub-tile grid alignment works perfectly on direct placements, or blueprints containing a single tier. However, please note that it may not work well with blueprints of multiple tiers (but without vanilla grid-aligned "original" tier), as different tiers (sizes) have different sub-grids to be aligned to.
To avoid such problem, you may simply add an "ordinary"-sized entity to the blueprint, or enable F5 debug mode (has to enable show-tile-grid in F4 debug settings first) to use the grid in assisting placement.


This mod provides up to three additional sizes of all vanilla circuit components, labelled as tier -1, -2, and -3 respectively. Each tier is 1/2 in linear size (1/4 in area) of its former. This mod includes lamp, arithmetic combinator, decider combinator, constant combinator.
Multiple components can be placed in the same tile, as they are sub-tile sized. A lot of space can be saved!

Overtier Linear Size Area
Vanilla 1 1
-1 1/2 1/4
-2 1/4 1/16
-3 1/8 1/64

Full List of New (or Changed) Items


  • 3 lamps:
    • Lamp -1
    • Lamp -2
    • Lamp -3


  • 3 arithmetic combinators:
    • arithmetic combinator -1
    • arithmetic combinator -2
    • arithmetic combinator -3
  • 3 decider combinators:
    • decider combinator -1
    • decider combinator -2
    • decider combinator -3
  • 3 constant combinators:
    • constant combinator -1
    • constant combinator -2
    • constant combinator -3


  • 3 circuit-related:
    • Circuit miniaturization 1
    • Circuit miniaturization 2
    • Circuit miniaturization 3