Schall Belt Configuration

A minimalistic mod allowing changing vanilla belt settings, including belt speed and underground belt max distance. Also adds options on unlocking loaders. Supports mods “Deadlock's Stacking Beltboxes & Compact Loaders” and “Space Exploration”. (Locale: English, Deutsch, 正體中文, 简体中文, Português Brasileiro)

3 years ago
0.16 - 1.1


Game Mechanics on Belts

Speed Scale

For any game and mod versions, the basic transport belt is the reference used to define the base speed. (For belt physics, please see this document.)
In short, the base speed of 15 items/s (from game version 0.17.0 onwards) is used to define the speed scale = 1. The unmodified fast and express belts thus have speed scale of 2 and 3 respectively.

Belt Type Vanilla Speed Vanilla Speed Scale
Basic 15 items/s 1
Fast 30 items/s 2
Express 40 items/s 3

This mod allows you to freely set the speed scales. You can set any numbers you want, even with non-integral numbers. Below are my suggested settings.

Belt Type Vanilla Speed Scale Suggested Scale I Suggested Scale II
Basic 1 (15 items/s) 1 ( 15 items/s) 1.5 (22.5 items/s)
Fast 2 (30 items/s) 3 ( 45 items/s) 3 (45.0 items/s)
Express 3 (45 items/s) 8 (120 items/s) 6 (90.0 items/s)

Analysis of Safe Speed

Guess we can set very high speed to the belts?
Unfortunately, no. When the speeds are beyond some critical points, either the belts, loaders, or splitters will start to glitch or stop working. Hence, there are limited usuable range on belt speeds.
Think you have to experiment and find out the values yourself? Not unnecessary, as I have already did it for you, as below. These results are used to find out the "safe" speeds (where belts, loaders and splitters are all working at their rated speeds), and I have already applied them as the allowed speeds in mod options.

Note: If you want to test the "limit" of the game engine by yourself, you may edit settings.lua file with a text editor to allow higher values. Yet it may put your save game at risk (such as jamming the splitters, even after lowering belt speeds). You have been warned!


  • Scale 1 = 13.33 item/s, which is different from newer versions (changed to 15 item/s since 0.17.0).
  • At scale 12 (160 items/s), splitters is still working fine. Beyond that, they may stop working and jam. So this is set as the highest safe speed.
  • At scale 16 (213.33 items/s), even the belts will glitch (non-full belts).


  • At scale 8 (120 items/s), even fast inserters are not fast enough to grab items from non-full belts. You may want to reserve such high speed for mainbus, using splitters to divert to lower speed belt for production input.
  • Scale 8 (120 items/s) is the maximum speed for any loaders, due to engine limitation. Beyond that, items on belts begin to glitch, not flowing normally all the time.


  • Loaders can go beyond scale 8 (120 items/s), due to stated game fix in 1.1.28.
  • At scale 16 (240 item/s), the belts, laoders and splitters all seems working fine. Beyond that, splitters seems glitched on right output belt (on a 2 full input to 2 output test). So this is the new highest safe speed.