Requirement of having lamps is not heavily enforced as they are generally the most useless fixtures. However, distributing high amount of them all over the factory no longer looks like such a pointless exercise, after the night stoped appearing so ridiculously inconsequantial.

by ouk_ouk

Allows to adjust length of the day and choose brightness and color of the night, zoom-to-map, night-vision and so on. (This is a purely graphical change which does not affect the game mechanics.) By default it is set to dark night, green nightvision and desaturated zoom-to-map. "Factory moves fast, growth and maintenance required, nature does not let."

9 days ago


Version: 1.101.2
Date: 05. 07. 2022
    - Added "AAI Industry" to the list of optional mods to force it to load first. This will ensure its LUTs will be overridden by this mod and not the opposite.
Version: 1.101.1
Date: 14. 09. 2021
    - Added "Dark Nights" to the list of incompatible mods.
Version: 1.101.0
Date: 11. 04. 2021
    - Added new color presets "Night: Improved dark" and "Night: Improved gray dark".
    - Set "Night: Improved dark" as the default preset for the night.
Version: 0.101.6
Date: 11. 04. 2021
    - Fixed some outdated names in translations. (References to options that had changed names.)
Version: 0.101.5
Date: 30. 03. 2021
    - Fixed color transitions around noon after the fix in the core game has broken the used workaround.
Version: 0.101.4
Date: 13. 03. 2021
    - Changed the internal title of the mod because of the game's not entirely successful attempt to limit the title length. (the new name won't be visible in the game, maybe it will in the mod portal)
Version: 0.101.3
Date: 9. 03. 2021
    - Allowed using all LUTs for every setting.
    - Added more information and warnings to description of some settings.
    - Reorganised options to make it easier to find ones for day/night/night-vision.
Version: 0.101.2
Date: 5. 03. 2021
    - Fixed problems caused by changing the name of the mod (you can call this finishing the renaming).
Version: 0.101.1
Date: 5. 03. 2021
    - Changed the internal name of the mod because Factorio doesn't accept non-standard characters.
Version: 0.101.0
Date: 5. 03. 2021
    - First version for Factorio 1.1.x.
    - Option to set color and visual lenght of day and night.
    - Option to set color and visual lenght of day and night on zoom-to-map view.
    - Option to set color and turn on/off point for nightvision.
    - Polish localization (without the mod name because I'm not going to translate this (yes, I know I was the one who wrote the original)).