Requirement of having lamps is not heavily enforced as they are generally the most useless fixtures. However, distributing high amount of them all over the factory no longer looks like such a pointless exercise, after the night stoped appearing so ridiculously inconsequantial.

by ouk_ouk

Allows to adjust length of the day and choose brightness and color of the night, zoom-to-map, night-vision and so on. (This is a purely graphical change which does not affect the game mechanics.) By default it is set to dark night, green nightvision and desaturated zoom-to-map. "Factory moves fast, growth and maintenance required, nature does not let."

9 days ago
1 year, 5 months ago
Latest Version:
1.101.2 (9 days ago)
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2092 times

"So I wanted to have darker nights in Factorio. I'm not that good at modding but my neighbor (The one that just told me hes not a mage, like I'm gonna believe him.) has spell books. So I sneaked to his home and I found the book (Nerkomicon or something) and there was a perfect spell for that. Well, maybe not exactly perfect but I've copied only the first half of the part about the eternal darkness so pretty much exactly what I need. I'm pretty sure it will only affect the game if I put it into a mod instead of reciting it. I'll tell you if it actually worked it the game."
~ The last entry in the diary found next to the body of the original author of the mod.


This mod allows to change when the night starts and how much time the transition takes. (This is only a visual change and it does not have affect solar panels or any other game mechanic.)

It also contains a number of LUTs (color presets) that can be assigned to day, night, zoom-to-map and night-vision. This include the vanilla ones, desaturated versions, green nightvision, total darkness and more. (Some of the LUTs are presented in the gallery.)

Suggested other mods:

(and all my other mods, of course)

Known problems:

  • If the night duration is set to value significantly bigger than the vanilla, the game thinks it is the day already and disables some of the light effects while there is still visibly dark.

Other info:

I'm categorizing this mod as "Non-Game-Changing" because it doesn't effect any actual mechanics. However, it has the potential to change people's playstyle.

The mods listed as "optional" in the download page, will simply have their LUTs overridden by this mod.

"Machines provide guard.
Where is the safe zone hidden?
Darkness strikes your eyes."