Heavy Oil and Gas from Basic Oil deprecated

Following the FFF304 discussions, takes ideas from a few people and rebalances oil production a little. Primary change is to change Basic Oil Processing to output only Heavy oil and Petroleum Gas. See the full description on the mod portal for full details.

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Display name of mod renamed from Rebalanced Oil Production to what you see now. File name remains the same, so it won't break updating.

This mod takes some suggestions from the FFF 304 discussion thread (https://forums.factorio.com/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=73443) and implements them in game.

Rebalanced solid fuel recipes to better highlight the efficiency use of most efficient light -> heavy -> gas worst efficiency.

(Ideas from here down are taken from kbk's post (https://forums.factorio.com/viewtopic.php?p=444584#p444584))
Changed basic oil processing to remove light oil (so yes, still makes heavy oil and petroleum gas) and increased pollution (to represent the lost light oil being sent up the refinery's flare stack). The concept here, I believe, is to try to simplify the production of 3 fluids to just 2, simplifying the challenge a bit, while also retaining the primary two ingredients that are used in everything else.

Moved light oil to solid fuel recipe to advanced oil processing seams only advanced oil processing now produces light oil.

Created second basic oil processing that takes in water (in addition to crude) and will output steam in addition to heavy oil and petroleum gas. With this recipe, the oil fractions that are being "burnt off" with the refinery's flare stack are being repurposed to produce steam for your boilers. And yes... the pollution is still elevated (you're still burning it). This recipe is locked behind a new tech that has a prerequisite of only oil processing with the same costs.

Added new "backwards cracking" (alkylation) recipes. These allow you to combine petroleum gas to get light oil, and light oil to get heavy oil. Concept is to allow the player better fine-tuned control over balancing their fluid needs later. These recipes are locked behind a new tech that has advanced oil processing as a prerequisite.
The alkylation recipes require sulfuric acid to work. There is a setting to control the complexity of the recipes or even turn them off completely.
Most complex takes in a large amount of the lighter oil fraction plus sulfuric acid and outputs the heavier fraction, some left over of the lighter fraction, and sulfur.
Complex slightly reduces the lighter fraction input, removing the lighter fraction left over and sulfur output in favor of a small amount of left over sulfuric acid.
Simple removes the sulfuric acid left over output.

Rocket fuel modified to require light oil directly in manufacturing. Gives light oil a direct purpose. Also changes the prerequisite of rocket fuel tech seems it now requires light oil that isn't available until advanced oil.

Refined concrete has had its water requirement replaced with lubricant to give further use to heavy oil. The concrete requirements of rocket silos and nuclear reactors are then replaced with refined concrete.

(This idea is taken from Roxor128's post (https://forums.factorio.com/viewtopic.php?p=444614#p444614))
Refinery's stone brick requirement is replaced with regular concrete, to encourage further practice with fluid handling for the water required in concrete.

Concrete is split into 2 techs. The original concrete tech has been made cheaper and only unlocks regular concrete and its hazard variant. It is also now a prerequisite of the oil processing tech.

The second tech has been named Refined concrete, requires blue science and concrete, and unlocks refined concrete and its hazard variant. Uranium processing and rocket silo techs have had their prerequisites updated to the new refined concrete tech.

(Concept for the Sulfur Processing from Oils mod was taken from Adamo's post (https://forums.factorio.com/viewtopic.php?p=444565#p444560))
Mod link: https://mods.factorio.com/mod/SulfurFromOils
This mod adds recipes for making sulfur from heavy oil & light oil and by default removes the petroleum gas recipe unlock (there's a setting to allow it still). The concept here was to try and spread the oil fractions use out a bit more off from petroleum gas and onto heavy oil & light oil. Heavy oil & light oil are also where you'd find more of the sulfur than petroleum gas.

If this mod is installed and enabled with the other one, it moves the sulfur from light oil recipe to advanced oil processing (seems light oil is not available until then) and then also adds a requirement of sulfur processing to advanced oil processing (so one can't make the sulfur without sulfur processing). (May want to change this? Put sulfur from light oil into its own tech that then requires sulfur processing and advanced oil processing? Is there a better way, or is the way I'm handling this ok?) It also includes a setting that then moves the sulfur from petroleum gas recipe to advanced oil processing, assuming the setting from the sulfur processing mod to remove this recipe is disabled.

No other changes to science, techs, or other recipes have been made. This means bots, lasers, accumulators, etc are still available at the same points and should all be makeable from oil processing.