MT Heaters

Burn Solid and Liquids to create heat, convert electric to heat, Melt certain ores to molten state to then cast

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Latest Version:
0.4.2 (5 days ago)
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Adds the opportunity to convert fuel into heat, unlike reactors, it burns when it needs to, not all the time
also a electric heater that converts electric to heat (allows for energy storage and trading of energy as 500oc steam)
Has mk1, mk2 and mk3 of the electric and burner heaters (liquid and solid burner heaters).
Also adds Baseload Steam Turbine and Steam Turbine with Accumilator Priority
with ks power is adds liquid burner heaters
Read FAQ and Changelog for more info

Some other Info:
The Baseload Steam Turbine can be used with nuclear reactors or burner heaters to make the constant baseload of your factory
Regular Steam Turbines Can be used for additional power, production may viary
The Steam Turbine Tertiary can be used with the electric heater to make an alternative to accumilators (store in steam or heat in pipes) - this is energy storage and can be used with solar or to regulate the unpredictable viariety in your factory's power network.

To get a renewable baseload you may:
create a seperate network for your solar panels that go to electric heaters that produce heat that you can store, and the baseload can be the amount of baseload steam turbines and heat exchangers you put

Could also be considered a performance improvement mod for power plants with steam engines because:
instead of 165 oc steam, you have 500 oc steam which is more energy dense per litre and thus less ups impactful
Also can be more efficient than the "boiler" meaning you have less pollution overhaul

Certain ores can be melted to a molten state to be casted as item's
Example BP String inside mod file in "string.txt" or

These molten ore processing line would encourage you building your smelteries by the powerplants (nuclear and fuel) and build circuits nearby
Your processing will need to be nearby to water as there is a requirement for building of coastal bases.
This molten processing ends up encouraging you to build your base in possible ways:
1. Bus - More items such as gears and all circuits could be required on this line. Steel as well
2. Speggete - speggete incomposing a central foundary/powerplant/casters
3. Train base - more train complexity
4. Pipe molten stuff in bus to distribute to casters nearby to processing lines

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