Lasing Around

Adds helium and laser-related intermediates, and a side-grade to assembling machines.

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Adds helium and laser-based items to the game.


  • Oil must now be filtered before being used. Later, advanced filtration allows extracting a helium byproduct. Helium can also be obtained from natural gas from the BZ mod.
  • Helium is used to create low-power lasers for electronic sensors and the like. A more powerful CO2 laser exists for things like laser turrets.
  • Adds the laser mill, an alternative to the assembler. It's faster and cleaner than the T3 assembler with an intrinsic productivity bonus, but can only produce a limited selection of recipes and consumes helium as a shielding gas. Because helium is only available as a byproduct, you'll need to decide which specific products are worth making in the laser mill and which to keep making in assemblers.
  • Low density structures, as well as some modded intermediates, can only be made in the laser mill.


Planetfall - Code, Design, Art
Rawkius - Spanish locale

New Intermediates

Just to add a bit more complexity, flavor, and spaghetti.

  • Helium is used as a lasing medium and a source of non-reactive atmosphere for welding. It's also useful for testing spaceworthy pipes for leaks, assuming you have any need of spaceworthy pipes.
  • Helium lasers for sensors and comms.
  • Carbon dioxide lasers for turrets and laser mills.
  • Scanners for machines that need to identify items at high speed.
  • Spectroscopes for satellites and diagnostics in chemical plants. (These have limited uses in vanilla but are used for more things in K2 and especially SE)
  • Tracking systems for advanced wireless tech. (Requires Them Thar Hills for transceivers and either Brass Tacks or BZ Silicon for gyroscopes.)
  • Micron-tolerance components laser-cut from invar for high-precision mechanical systems. (Requires If I Had A Nickel for invar plates.)

Mod Compatibility

Lasing Around is mostly designed with vanilla progression in mind, but contains explicit compatibility with:

  • Krastorio 2
  • AAI Industries/Space Exploration
  • BZ mods
  • My other resource mods
  • Fluids Must Flow
  • Renai Transportation
  • More Science
  • Vortik's Deep Core Mining
  • Deadlock stacking and crating

Most non-overhaul mods will work with my resource mods, their recipes simply won't use any of the new items. Mods that mess with the progression of the game can be more problematic - they may break in unexpected ways if they modify item or recipe prototypes dynamically, or be uncompletable if they change tech tree dependencies. Compatibility requests are welcome but supporting every big overhaul simultaneously is probably beyond my ability.