JDs 0.17 Simulation deprecated

Emulates 0.17 as much as known from Factorio Friday Facts. Changes science packs, tech tree, ingredient costs and some gameplay elements

1 year, 6 months ago
1 year, 7 months ago
Latest Version:
0.1.4 (1 year, 6 months ago)
Factorio version:
1003 times

0.17 is released so no need to emulate it :)

The mod aims to emulate 0.17 as known from Factorio Friday Facts. It includes the new science pack recipes, full new tech tree and ordering, military tech changes, plus gameplay changes. It also includes some minor choice non-confirmed and suggested modifications (listed below) based on a streamed discussion with developers. It doesn't include the quality of life changes or other changes that would be a full mod in their own right.
It was designed for use on a community map hosted by streamer JD-Plays

This mod subtracts all removed researches and bonuses from teams and thus should work with old saves, but may be a bit bumpy as you will have to re-do some military bonus researches and from recipe changes. Advised to start a new game with the mod due to all the recipe and game changes. Mod is NOT and will not be directly compatible with 0.17 when it is released, you will need to remove the mod at this point and redo some researchs and recipes.

The tech tree is more natural to navigate as all technologies are hidden until you have researched all of the ingredients, as per a comment in FFF.
A number of exact costs are not known so an estimated cost has been applied for an approximate feel based on developer discussions.

Developer Announced Modifications

Below are the main changes made by the mod, but not every change is listed below. The changes we are emulating is based on the official Factorio Wiki's upcoming features

  • new science pack recipes and products
  • new science pack technologies
  • new technologies to give earlier access to selected items, i.e. uranium processing, rocket fuel
  • merged military bonus technologies and additionally affected game items (i.e. personal laser defense)
  • re-structured tech tree paths and removal of some irrelevant techs
  • updated recipes

  • tier 2 personal equipment, armor and laser defense changed from processing units to low density structures.

  • power armor and fusion reactor require later military researchs
  • tank bullet damage reduced to same as player, but still shoots +50% speed above player. Tank cannon does +20% damage to 0.16
  • player base mining speed equal to iron axe and graphics show using a mining tool, not hands.

  • all assembling machines have no ingredient limit

  • belts move 15 / 30 / 45 rather than 13.33 / 26.66 / 40 items per second

Suggested Mods

Below are the suggested additional mods that already add functionality that has been announced for 0.17 or that 0.17 functionality has been inspired by.

Choice Modifications

There are a number of changes in this mod that are not mentioned in any FFF, but have been either implied or suggested by developers, or suggested by the community and not instantly dismissed by developers in a stream. They are all relatively minor impact when combined with the FFF confirmed changes.

  • assembling machine 2 requires steel in recipe
  • assembling machine 2 crafts at speed 1 with proportional enegy increase, but same total pollution

  • chemical science pack production time reduced to similar with military, as suggested as possible by devs.

  • space science is a very expensive research as it is the gateway to infinite sciences

  • personal laser defense equipment does only 50% damage, but only uses 33% power. the laser damage upgrades affect it now as per FFF.

  • car now has a standard rocket launcher weapon attached in addition to its machine gun.
  • technology upgrade for player minning speed to be equivalent to a steel axe in 0.16


  • New Military sciences have been done as a simple merge and may give bonuses before the weapon has been researched at this point in time. FFF implies this may not be the case in the future, but has no gameplay impact.
  • Some gameplay changes haven't been done as they have little impact for too much work, aren't clearly specified in FFF or may make compatibility with other mods problematic:

  • Mining hardness and mining power removal

  • Burner effeciency and fuel values
  • Damage resistances streamlined


  • At present the new researches don't have any specific placement order in the tech tree and old technologoes haven't been re-ordered. So they may be a little oddly placed. But as all technologies are locked behind their prerequisites now your available selection is guided.
  • The mod won't be compatible with 0.17 when it is released as there will be duplicate and overwriting technologies, recipes, etc. There is no intention to make the mod compatible with 0.17 when it is released as the mod is a simulation of a posisble 17 exerpience. You will need to remove the mod and research any missing technologies plus reset any changed recipes.
  • This mod is a balance between getting the 0.17 feel without us having to write 0.17 ourselves. Therefore we have focused on the gameplay changes that impact the factory most. The quality of life chnages like Undo, etc have been ignored for expedience.
  • Compatibility with other mods should be fine if they don't affectany of the base game elements that this mod does. This mod is used on servers with over 20 other mods without issues. Extensive mods like Bobs Mods may require rebalancing when 0.17 comes out and so will be no different with this 0.17 simulation mod.