JDs 0.17 Simulation deprecated

Emulates 0.17 as much as known from Factorio Friday Facts. Changes science packs, tech tree, ingredient costs and some gameplay elements

1 year, 5 months ago


 - changed Power Armor mk2 to only require level 2 modules (FFF 245). Updated science pre-reqs appropriately
 - changed all assembling machines to have no practical ingredient limit from 6
 - player mining speed research renamed to Steel Axe as advised
 - stone hardness changed to same as iron ore
 - fluid-handling is a prerequisite of oil processing
 - coal liquefaction ratio changed to match FFF description
 - armors have effectively infinite durability
 - fixed blue science recipe produces 2 packs now
 - landmine damage increases with Stronger Explosives at same rate as grenades (inagme shown bonus doesn't account for it, but explosive damage is increased)
 - military and robot bonus technologies locked behind their prerequisite science packs
 - fixed old combat robot upgrades not being removed, where affected by new techs
 - fixed a number of bonus research science pack prerequisites
 - all teams technology affects are reset upon mod upgrade to correct any previous mod technology oversights
 - lube not unlocked by basic oil processing any more
 - portable solar panel needs solar energy researched first
 - uranium processing is its own technology. gives uranium mining and nuclear fuel (for vehicles)
 - belt speeds increased to 15/30/45
 - numerous description changes of techs
 - all new military technologies implemented in simple manner (effects merged, but not accounting for research pack types) - land mines not affected
 - fixed that small power poles shouldn't need iron sticks
 - assembly machine 2 recipe corrected to 2 steel plate from 4
 - initial version with everything from FFF, developer chats and some suggested and implied changes.