Blueprintable Trains

by DaveMcW
Add trains to your blueprints.
6 months ago
Owner: DaveMcW
Source: DaveMcW/blueprint-train
Homepage: N/A
License: MIT
Created: 1 year, 20 days ago
Latest Version: 0.16.20 (6 months ago)
Factorio version: 0.16
Downloaded: 3897 times

Adds support for trains in blueprints.


Locomotive schedule, fuel, and color.
Cargo wagon filters and size limit.
Automatic mode.
Shift-click to create ghost trains.
Press the mod button to stop adding trains to new blueprints. Existing blueprints with trains still work.

Known issues

New blueprints need to be saved before you can see the trains. Press Shift while creating a blueprint to automatically save it.
Trains that are close together may merge into one. Add a few extra tiles between signals to prevent this.
Some intersections are impossible to build in because the trains snap to the wrong track.
Diagonal trains do not display properly in blueprint preview.
Shift-click uses 4 directions, the train preview uses 2 directions, and they don't merge correctly.
Trains cannot travel through ghost trains, and manually building on top of ghost trains does not work. (fixed in Factorio 0.17)
Construction robots do not hover over blocked ghost trains.