Infinity Mode deprecated


3 years ago


Version: 0.6.2
Date: 2020.1.15
    - Fixed incompatilibities with FactorioExtended Plus Transport and Subterranean Belts mods
Version: 0.6.1
Date: 2019.11.14
    - Significantly improved performance when placing a tesseract chest
    - Aligned tesseract chest sprite with the infinity chest sprite so they don't look weird side-by-side
    - Improved infinity and tesseract chest descriptions
    - Improved locale style
    - Fixed toggle map editor hotkey would always work, even if the shortcut was disabled
    - Fixed several incorrect entity icons
    - Fixed infinity personal roboport transmuting to personal roboport mk2 when unequipped (#17)
    - Fixed crash with diesel locomotives mod
    - Fixed crash when creating blueprints with infinity fluid wagons when their fluidbox was invalid (#14)
    - Fixed crash when opening a mini-tutorial
Version: 0.6.0
Date: 2019.9.12
    - Added map editor shortcut
    - Added editor-only mode, which adds the infinity tools to the map editor only, and does not enable any cheats
    - Added copy/paste support for infinity accumulator mode and priority
    - Infinity wagon filters are now stored in blueprints
    - Tesseract chests are now openable by players
    - Removed unusable 'tertiary' priority from the infinity accumulator priority dropdown
    - Fixed several cheats being available in the map editor that shouldn't have been
    - Fixed infinity loader belt type detection with Krastorio and Replicating Belts
    - Fixed mining tesseract chests would give the player an infinity chest instead
    - Fixed crash when insta-blueprinting or insta-deconstructing invalid entities
    - Fixed robots deconstructing infinity loaders being banished to the shadow realm
Version: 0.5.0
Date: 2019.8.29
    - You can now pin/unpin the cheats window to/from the mod GUI
    - Added new cheats:
      - Force cheats:
        - Restart current research
        - Finish current research
    - Added 'enable all' and 'disable all' buttons for player and force cheats
    - The cheats window will now remember its position if you move it (reset by docking to the mod GUI)
    - /enable-infinity-mode command is now only usable by admins
    - Darkened logo and crafting group icon
    - Enable dialog will now show up after freeplay/sandbox description boxes are dismissed
    - Force and Surface selectors are now dropdowns instead of listboxes, to save room
    - Potentially fixed a compatibility issue with Krastorio (#11)
    - Fixed a crash when using the cheats GUI hotkey before enabling the mod
    - Fixed a crash when toggling /editor when the cheats GUI is not open
Version: 0.4.0
Date: 2019.8.23
    - Added filters support to infinity inserters
    - Added new cheats:
      - Player cheats:
        - True zoom to world
        - Single-stack limit
      - Force cheats:
        - Research queue
        - Manual mining speed modifier
        - Manual crafting speed modifier
        - Mining drill productivity bonus
        - Laboratory speed modifier, productivity bonus
        - Worker robot speed modifier, battery modifier, storage bonus
        - Train braking force bonus
      - Surface cheats:
        - Minimum brightness
        - Solar power multiplier
    - Placing a new infinity inserter will automatically set it to blacklist mode, to behave like a non-filter inserter by default
    - Reverted instant blueprint/deconstruction to pre-0.3.1 logic due to abysmal performance
    - Fixed a crash when literally any switch except for the infinity loader state switch was toggled
    - Fixed default 'on' mining speed modifier being zero
Version: 0.3.1
Date: 2019.8.20
    - Instant blueprint and instant deconstruction cheats now revive/destroy from back-to-front to improve compatibility with other mods
    - Infinity equipment should now be compatible with every equipment grid in the game, including ones added by mods
    - Fixed infinity loader not detecting belt type for Beltlayer connectors
    - Fixed a crash when loading the mod into a save that did not previously have it
    - Fixed instant request not updating when an item is manually dragged to the trash (#7)
    - Fixed broken infinity personal roboport icon when Bob's Equipment is enabled (#8)
    - Fixed deconstructing infinity locomotives giving a regular locomotive item (#9)
Version: 0.3.0
Date: 2019.8.16
    - Added tesseract chests, which contain every item in the game (can cause performance issues if abused!)
    - Added automatic module insertion to instant blueprint cheat
    - Added ability to enable the mod with all cheats set to their default 'off' values
    - Added option to skip the initial dialog
    - Added custom GUI for infinity loader
    - Improved infinity loader belt direction and type snapping logic
    - Infinity loaders now use actual loaders instead of underground belts
    - Infinity labs will now attempt to automatically support all science packs
    - Infinity personal fusion reactor no longer inherits changes from other mods
    - Fixed using pipette on infinity loader returning a loader facing the opposite direction
    - Fixed a startup crash when using the ScienceCostTweaker mod
    - Fixed input infinity loaders not keeping up with belts faster than 240 items/second
    - Fixed being able to set non-items as filters for infinity loader, which would cause a crash
Version: 0.2.2
Date: 2019.8.9
    - Fixed a crash when Bob's Logistics is enabled (#5)
    - Fixed a crash when changing infinity accumulator mode or priority (#6)
Version: 0.2.1
Date: 2019.8.9
    - Fixed a crash when opening a save that didn't previously contain the mod
Version: 0.2.0
Date: 2019.8.9
    - Added dialog to optionally enable the mod when first loaded
    - Added /enable-infinity-mode command
    - Added infinity inserter
    - Added infinity pump
    - Recipes are now disabled by default, so they will only appear if the mod is enabled
    - Removed surface of holding
    - Fixed infinity accumulator showing build smoke when priority or mode was changed
    - Fixed infinity accumulator GUI not closing when the entity was destroyed
    - Fixed infinity loader not registering modded belts in some cases (#1)
    - Fixed a crash with infinity loaders when a settings paste contains non-items
    - Fixed a crash with the "repair used item" cheat when a player doesn't have an inventory
    - Fixed several small locale errors
    - Fixed infinity wagons only being openable when the player was within reach distance of position {0,0} on the map
    - Fixed infinity wagons being openable when out of reach
Version: 0.1.0
Date: 2019.8.8
    - Initial release