by GotLag

Trains honk when stopping. And starting. And on command.

2 years ago
0.13 - 1.1

g Trains honk across surfaces

4 years ago

One will hear trains honk even if that train is on a different surface than the player is currently on. This is quite easy to reproduce:

  1. Create a short loop that makes the train honk a lot
  2. Use the map editor to create a new surface and transport to it
  3. You will still hear the trains honking on the other surface

I would have fixed this myself and submitted a pull request, but this mod doesn't appear to have a repository...

Thanks for your time!

4 years ago

I'm also looking for this fix if you have it can you share? Thanks

4 years ago

Sorry for the slow update, I've been unwell. It should be fixed now.

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