Hand Crafting Plus

This mod makes hand crafting more convenient by adding the ability to demote, promote, and reset the crafting queue without overflowing your inventory.

2 months ago
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1.1.1 (2 months ago)
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Hand Crafting Priority Plus

Welcome to the Hand Crafting Priority Plus mod! This mod is designed to enhance your handcrafting experience in Factorio by introducing features that allow you to manage your crafting queue more efficiently.


  • With the ability to demote, promote, and reset items in the crafting queue, you'll find it easier than ever to control your crafting priorities without worrying about inventory overflows.

  • Toggle Auto-Optimize the Crafting Queue in the shortcut bar at the bottom of the screen. When active, it will optimize the crafting queue (same as hitting the Reset Craft keybinding manually) after you pick up intermediate products whenever a new item is crafted. The toggle is also available as a keybinding, though unassigned by default.

Even in creative mode, this mod offers seamless functionality without causing crashes.

Download and Installation

You can download and install the Hand Crafting Priority Plus mod from the Factorio Mod Portal using the following link:
Download Hand Crafting Priority Plus Mod


Customize your keybindings according to your preferences. By default, the following shortcuts are provided:

  • Shift + D: Demote the first item in the crafting queue to the rear.
  • Shift + P: Promote the last crafted item to the front of the queue.
  • Shift + R: Reset the crafting queue. Use this after picking up intermediate items to speed up crafting.
  • Unassigned: Toggle Auto-Optimize Crafting Queue. Available in the shortcut bar and as a keybinding

Questions or Feedback

If you have any questions, encounter issues, or would like to provide feedback about the Hand Crafting Priority Plus mod, feel free to reach out through the Factorio Mod Portal. Your input is valuable in helping us improve the mod and provide a better crafting experience for all players.

Enjoy a more streamlined handcrafting process with Hand Crafting Priority Plus! Your crafting queues are now under your control like never before.