Ghost Scanner

by Optera

Adds a combinator reading ghost requests from the logistic network it's placed in.

5 months ago
0.16 - 1.1
3 years ago
Latest Version:
1.6.4 (5 months ago)
Factorio version:
0.16 - 1.1
24882 times

Refactored version of Construction Signaler by codekitchen.
As I kept adding features to codekitchen's version it became a complete rewrite which I'll post as it's own mod here.


  • Unlocks with circuit network research.
  • Place it in the logistics (orange) area of a roboport so it knows where to look for ghosts.


  • reads entity ghosts
  • reads tile ghosts
  • reads item requests (modules) from ghosts
  • reads item requests (modules) from built entities
  • reads items required for upgrades
  • reads cliff explosives required (can not account for optimization by construction bot logic)
  • reads number of logistics cells (can be turned off in map settings)
  • optimized performance as much as possible (having to use find_entities will always be a major drain)
  • holding a scanner shows logistic network coverage
  • Ghost scanners can be turned on and off individually
    Turned off scanners have almost no performance impact (still need to check if it's on or off)

Runtime Settings:

  • Update frequency
    reducing scan frequency improves performance
  • Scan Result limit:
    counters performance drops during large build projects by limiting how many ghosts are found
    The same mechanism is used in base game for the notification icon.
    Set to 0 to disable.
  • Invert output
    saves an inverting combinator when used for LTN requests
  • Round to stacks
    Rounds item counts up (down with Invert output) to next full item stack.
    For easiest LTN integration set request stack threshold = 1 and enable both Invert output and Round to stacks.

Known Issues:

  • Reading large construction projects with 1000+ ghosts will have major performance impact.
    To counter this scan results are limited to 1000 entities per logistic cells. Setting can be changed at runtime.
  • Scanner does not return all ghosts
    Either Scan Result limit was reached (see above) or ghosts are outside the construction area of the logistic network the scanner was placed in.