by 0n0w1c

Factories require foundations before construction. Existing game save friendly, to add or remove. A simple mod, no UPS impact, no changes to productivity, or entities tracked. Support for Dectorio, AAI Industry, Lunar Landings, Industrial Revolution 3, Krastorio 2, and more.

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1.0.11 (7 days ago)
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Added beta support for Space Exploration.

I could use help here with bug reports please, the mod is huge. Unfortunately, I do not have time for a play-through for proper testing.
Please report any entities that can not be placed or mined on the proper surface (Nauvis, other planet, asteroid, spaceship).
Additionally, any entities that do not require a foundation, but you think should.
This is true for all supported mods, even for mods you would like to be supported.

Now inhibits the mining of foundation tiles from underneath factory entities that require a foundation!

Pumps, pipes, belts, splitters, rails, and small/medium power poles are excluded, stone furnaces and gun turrets are optional. Other factory entities require a foundation. Stone bricks work fine, so the cost is not too great.
Your factory will look better, you will travel faster, and somehow it just seems natural.

Safe to add to an existing save, will not disturb what you have previously built. Only applies to new construction.


Added the foundation requirement for several entities, see changelog.txt for details
The foundation requirement for gun turrets is optional in the startup settings
The foundation requirement for stone furnaces is optional in the startup settings
The foundation requirement for electric poles and substations is optional in the startup settings
New characters will spawn with 4 stone bricks (if needed)
Inhibits the mining of foundation tiles from underneath factory entities, to prevent entity loss

Added support for AAI Industry
Added support for Cargo Ships
Added support for Dectorio
Added support for Fish Pole
Added support for Flow Control
Added support for Fluid Level Indicator
Added support for Industrial Revolution 3
Added support for Krastorio 2
Added support for Lunar Landings
Added support for Merging Chests
Added beta support for Space Exploration

AAI Containers & Warehouses
Larger Lamps
Nuclear Overhaul
Power Overload
Zithorian's Extra Storage Tanks

Known issues:
Blueprints that include both tiles and entities that require a foundation.
Build a foundation first, then apply the blueprint.

If the startup setting "Foundation required for stone furnaces" is disabled, stone furnaces will not be upgradable via the upgrade planner.
May not be compatible with mods that construct factory entities upon character creation (cut scenes), unless support has been added.

Fork of Buildings require foundation v0.1.1
Authored by Subjectd_31415 under the GNU GPL3