Deadlock's Compact Loaders deprecated

Migration mod for combined Deadlock's Stacking Beltboxes & Compact Loaders mod, please download required dependency deadlock-beltboxes-loaders and load any older saves at least once with this migration mod still present.

3 years ago
0.16 - 0.17
4 years ago
Latest Version:
1.7.4 (3 years ago)
Factorio version:
0.16 - 0.17
34342 times

As of 0.17, Deadlock's Compact Loaders have been combined into the same mod as Deadlock's Stacking Beltboxes

Here's what you need to know for the new version:

  • If you're starting a new game, you only need the new mod; if you're using the inter-mod support to add loaders for Bob's belts or another mod, also download the separate integration mod.
  • If you have an existing save with loaders, you should also update to the latest version of this mod (DeadlockLoaders) and make sure that it's enabled for the first time you load each older save. Starting the game with both mods present will migrate the save to work with the new combined mod - your loaders will disappear if you don't have DeadlockLoaders enabled during the first load of the save under 0.17!


Minimalist 1x1 loaders and belt theming options, designed to match Deadlock's Stacking Beltboxes.
Clean graphics, light code.

  • Does not replace vanilla loaders, so it can be used alongside other loader mods in existing saves.
  • Provides a start-up setting to theme transport belts (off by default), reducing VRAM use but increasing rendering.
  • Provides a start-up setting to change underground belts to the same graphical style (off by default).
  • Provides a start-up setting to show belt tier colours on the map/minimap.
  • Provides a start-up setting to turn the loaders off completely and only have the belt styling.
  • Higher tier loaders available if Xander Mod, Bob's Logistics or Factorio Extended (Transport) are installed.
  • Basic snapping code (can be turned off in per-player settings).
  • Deadlock's Compact Loaders do not work with train wagons. If you need that, I recommend Miniloaders instead.

Inter-mod support

If you want to add support for another mod which provides new belts or changes vanilla ones, DCL provides an easy-to-use function that automatically generates a matching loader for you. You don't need to provide new graphics or icons for the loader. See the documentation pdf in the zipfile for details.

Reporting bugs and FAQ

If you have questions or want to report a bug, use the forum thread. Check out the FAQ in the top post.