Combat Robots Overhaul

by Wannie

Overhaul of Factorio's Combat Robots to make them more useful.

a month ago
2 months ago
Latest Version:
1.0.7 (a month ago)
Factorio version:
486 times

This mod aims to overhaul the behaviour of Factorio's vanilla combat robots to make them more useful.

Defender Units will either follow the player or automatically defend the base in case of a biter attack. (toggle-able)

Distractor Units have been renamed to Sentry Units to better describe their purpose. They patrol a small area (configurable) and act as cheap mobile turrets.

Destroyer Units automatically attack biter nests (and worms) which have been discovered by radar and or player.

For balancing purposes the recipes of the robots have been changed. While the overhauled combat robots are cheaper than the vanilla ones, each capsule only spawns one of them. In return, the robots have slightly increased health, can be repaired and have a unlimited lifespan. Furthermore, the units can be mined to get them back.

To make the combat robots more accessible in the early game, all of them are unlocked after researching the first tier of combat-robotics. Each unit type is also limited seperatedly by the maximum robot follower count.

Please let me know if you think the recipes need to be changed.

Available Settings:

  • Enable Vannila Robots = Play with the vanilla robots enabled

  • Exclude List = Exclude Prototypes from automatically being defended by defender robots

  • Sentry Radius = The Patrol area of sentry units (Default: 10 tiles)

  • Base Defender Radius = The maximum distance for defender Units to defend the base. (Default: 2500 tiles)

  • Defender Distance = Social distancing of defender units while following the player (Default: 3 tiles)

  • Time before Attack = How long destroyer units wait after being created until they start their attack (Default: 10 Seconds)

Known Issues:

  • The mod uses the vanilla unit group mechanics. Because of this, the units sometimes behave very weirdly.

  • This mod is incompatible with most mods which teleport the player to other words and or surfaces.

Both these issues are currently being addressed in version 2.0.