Thermal Solar Power

Adds the ability to build an early to mid game thermal solar complex with built-in energy storage for the night with varied features.

1 year, 26 days ago
0.16 - 0.18


Works with other mods?

  • Technically yes... using mod like Bob's Power you could use steam in other machines, but is not granted the game balance. If you run into comparability issues, post it!

How use the mod, how to setup it? (basic)

  • Make a setup similar to nuclear power, thermal solar panels produce heat, you have to take the heat to basic heat exchangers so they can produce steam to move steam engines. The panels take some time to start boiling water.
    The panels don't need power lines like vanilla panels, just connect heat output to heat storages or to heat exchanger with heat-pipes.

How store heat? Salt?

  • You must use salt evaporation pond, that needs heat and water (normal water, that contains salt) to create salt, after you could use it for create heat storage of various tiers

Early, mid or end game?

  • This mod is a bit more powerful than vanilla solar power but less powerful than nuclear, so it is meant to be used this gap, in a mid game phase.

Why we will not add an heat powered furnace

  • Short answer, it's too much unrealistic reach performace of vanilla furnace only with heat produced from thermal solar pannel and/or solar power tower. Anyway, if you want it much, the mod NPUtilsX implements that kind of furnaces and it's compatible with this mod.


  • This mod needs better textures and we haven't an artist, all help is welcome. For more informations ask in discussion tab.
  • If you want translate the mod in your language, it's easy, open the mod with any zip viewer, WinRAR, 7-Zip blabla... go in locale/en/en.cfg and translate the strings on the right of each equals in the file and post it in discussion tab, after appropriate checks that is not a joke, we will add it to the mod.