Thermal Solar Power

Adds the ability to build an early to mid game thermal solar complex with built-in energy storage for the night with varied features.
15 days ago
0.16 - 0.17
Owner: CyberWizard2261
Source: N/A
Homepage: N/A
License: MIT
Created: 8 months ago
Latest Version: 0.2.8 (15 days ago)
Factorio version: 0.16 - 0.17
Downloaded: 3812 times

Key Concept\Short Description

This mod adds the ability to build an early to mid game thermal solar complex with built-in energy storage for the night and other features.


What adds the mod now?

  • 4 Thermal solar panels that produce heat instead of energy

  • 3 Heat storages based on molten-salt technology

  • 1 Salt evaporation pond to create salt for Heat storages

  • 3 New steam turbines for mid game

  • 3 New basic heat exchangers for mid game (not intended for nuclear power use)

  • A cheaper thermal conduit for early game

  • Translated in English and Italian

  • Settings (disattivable new steam turbines recipes and heat exchangers recipes )

Planned features (in release order):

  • 1.Place all mod's items on a separate category in the various recipe tabs
  • 2.Add new solar power tower
  • ?.New sprites, texture
  • ?.Thermal solar panel entity union based on concept Modular Buildings for save ups

Ideas to approve:

  • Underground thermal conduit (cheaper and/or vanilla)
  • Add new heated plate trap, maybe some overheated metal plates could burn some alien's foots

Ideas that will be NOT implemented (don't ask these things):

  • Heated Furnaces
  • Settings for customize heat gain from heat sources


Artist, we want you!

This mod needs better textures and we haven't an artist, all help is welcome. For more informations ask in discussion tab.


If you want translate the mod in your language, it's easy, open the mod with any zip viewer, WinRAR, 7-Zip blabla... go in
locale/en/en.cfg and translate the strings on the right of each equals in the file and post it in discussion tab, after appropriate checks that is not a joke, we will add it to the mod.

A wild bug appears!

If playing you find one or more bug, please post it on discussion tab, but if you will do it, try to be as precise as you can: what's up, how to replicate bugs, with what other mods you were playing when that happen... more details, more chances to resolve the bugs. Thank you a lot in any case.


- Added German translation, thanks to boeller

- Heat exchangers behavior adjustment

- Added thumbnail

- Fix basic heat exchangers not working correctly in 0.17

- Renamed folder of mod coherently with mod version
- Initial porting to 0.17

- Added mod settings (disattivable new steam turbines recipes and heat exchangers recipes)

- Changed thermal solar panels sprites

- Added Italian translation

0.1.0 to 0.2.0
- Code Optimization
- Decreased warm-up time of solar panels but also their energy storage
- Added 3 improved steam engines
- Buffed basic heat exchangers