Thermal Solar Power

Adds the ability to build an early to mid game thermal solar complex with built-in energy storage for the night with varied features.

6 months ago
0.16 - 0.18

g math of calculating?

2 years ago

its seems that the amout of energy generated by the solar pannels sucks and is really slow starting, but even slow working

2 years ago

9 normal TS pannels (mk1) are enaugh to power a steamengine fulltime means each pannel produze 100kW which are 40kw more then a normal vanilla solar pannel, the amout of space needed with my compact blueprintable desing are 108 tiles the ecual( not considering the space for poles but the area provided py types) 13solar pannels x 60kw means 780kw which is 120kw less then the thermal setup

with power poles setup nicely would be only 720Kw and 12 pannels

at my point i see there is big downside, because the cost of the raw resources are higher the crafting time lower the warm up time immense

BUT the big upside the way of storing the power is great

in oder to see what gonna beat each other i gonna setup a of the same size to see what generates more power and how fast it can fill up 100MJ before the thermal pannels charge up the solar pannels got 60MJ and at 100MJ the thermal got only 50MJ

i later gonna make a playtrugh and check under normal day night cycle

at i can say, its great because of the cheap way to sore the power, but i dont know if the pipes lose power over time, and yes i mean with the pipes the acutall accumulators and pannels to , becuase there coded the same way
its a cheap and dirty way of power generation, but the heat accumulators are so damm exspensiv rather use storage tanks

now i need to know how much the heat accumulator stores and how much is it when is converted and if tanks dont lose heat ^^

2 years ago
(updated 2 years ago)

The "solar panels" lose a minimal amount of power only during the darkest hour of the night(less than 1 KJ) and none of the other components lose any power
Compared to the power production of 100KW or 100KJ/s I can say the power loss is zero

2 years ago

The solar panels (MK1) have a specific heat of 50KJ this means they store 50KJ per decree. A solar panel 100C above the boiler's working temperature stores 5MJ, the same as an accumulator, and they can reach 1000C this means (1000-165)*50 = 41750KJ or 41.75MJ of stored energy per panel, and before you can research batteries

The heat accumulator1 have a specific heat of 5MJ, 4175MJ total stored energy at 1000C.
A storage tank with 165C steam stores 750MJ

The heat accumulator3 have a specific heat of 20MJ, 10GJ total stored energy at 1000C.
A storage tank with 500C steam stores 2.4GJ

As you can see, if compared to vanilla power storage, my mod can easily crush it and this is my mod's big advantage

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