Blueprint Signals (continued)

by Yenz

Read a blueprint and generate a set of combinators containing the item signals and counts.

7 months ago
7 months ago
Latest Version:
0.4.0 (7 months ago)
Factorio version:
900 times

This is a progression of the original mod "BlueprintSignals" by GaticusHax.

Since the author is absent and I improved the mod a bit but no new version got released, I release it here. See below for a list of changes compared to the original mod.

Blueprint Signals (continued)

Blueprint Signals will read a blueprint and convert it to a set of constant combinators containing
the signals and values of the blueprint items. The combinators can then be connected to a circuit
or logistic network to request the blueprint items for construction.

This is an addon mod that fully integrates with Blueprint Extensions if it is installed.
It will also work fine as a stand-alone mod if you don't have or want Blueprint Extensions.


While holding a valid blueprint (that is not empty), press CTRL+ALT+S to convert it.
A new blueprint containing one or more constant combinators will be generated, holding all the
unique signals for the blueprint items and counts.

Changes compared to the original mod

  • Add module support
  • Add config to limit signal count per combinator
  • Fix missing signals in some cases


If you encounter a bug or have a suggestion, please submit an issue on github.


  • GaticusHax (author of the original mod)
  • deniwiaid (author of BlueprintExtensions), I ripped a lot of the code for this mod from bpex and learned from the rest.
  • thanks to smartguy1196 for fixing a crash when creating a new blueprint book.