by Mylon
Allows blueprints to be used much earlier. Once a blueprint is placed, nearby entities will be auto-placed at 10/second so long as you have the objects in inventory and are standing still. Once items are marked for deconstruction, they will be auto-removed and put into inventory so long as you are standing still. Press b to toggle building, press n to toggle demolishing.
2 months ago
0.14 - 0.18
Owner: Mylon
Source: N/A
License: MIT
Created: 3 years ago
Latest Version: 1.2.5 (2 months ago)
Factorio version: 0.14 - 0.18
Downloaded: 22095 times

Bluebuild adds useful blueprints to the early game. Immediately from the start you can build a blueprint and items will be placed at 10 per second so long as you have the materials. Demolishing works the same way. Plan your grand scheme from the start with Bluebuild!

If you have trouble with performance, especially in multiplayer, try turning auto-build and auto-demo off (shift+b and shift+n by default) when not in use and encourage other players to do the same.

Note: This mod recently changed (Nov 2019) to use the built-by-script flag. Some mods which try to watch for entity building may not listen to this event.

Add a setting to change how fast items are built.


Version: 1.1.12
Date: 3. 10. 2018
- Fixed another script error when raising events.

Version: 1.1.11
Date: 3. 8. 2018
- Fixed a typo trying to pass extra information on raising events. No longer causes a script error.

Version: 1.1.10
Date: 3. 7. 2018
- Bluebuild now gives better information when raising events

Version: 1.1.9
Date: 14. 1. 2018
- Bluebuild will once more mine tiles. This uses the LuaPlayer::mine_tile() function added in 0.16

Version: 1.1.8
Date: 14. 1. 2018
- Bluebuild will no longer auto-demo tiles. This fixes a crash.

Update 1.1.7
Fixed: Fixed potential crash when adding to an existing game and using demolition mode.

Update 1.1.6
Changed: Updated logic slightly.
Changed: Updated for 0.16

Update 1.1.4
Fixed: Trees and items on ground are once again covered by bluedemo
Fixed: Addressed crash that could be caused when reach was set to 0.
Fixed: Entities are now being built slower as intended.
Changed: Updated keybinds. Again.

Update 1.1.3
Some optimizations to make bluedemo less ups intensive

Update 1.1.2
Fixed a crash caused by a change in the API.

Update 1.1.1
Fixed: Bluebuild won't build other force's buildings anymore. Accidentally re-introduced that with the search method change.

Update 1.1.0
Added: Now respects character build range. Should play nicely with mods that change the default reach now.
Changed default keybinds to "x", "c" for build and construct, respectively. Not terrible intuitive but it doesn't conflict with vanilla, handyhands, or autofill.
Changed search method to use a table of ghosts instead of constantly searching the nearby area. Should be faster.

Update 1.0.5
Updated for Factorio 0.15
Note: There's a conflict between bluebuild and vanilla, "b" turns on bluebuild and also opens the blueprint book. Need to change it but working on pushing some optimizations.

Update 1.0.3
Fixed: Bluebuild now supports multiple forces. Thanks Demosthenex for the fix.
Fixed: Bluebuild now supports autodemo of tiles.

Update 1.0.2
Fixed: Autodemo now works properly. 1.01 optimization had broken it.

Update 1.0.1
Changed: Added some optimizations

Update 1.0.0
Changed: Mod feels feature complete, so calling it 1.0.
Fixed: Changed event call order to prevent potential mod interaction bugs.

Update 0.7.0
Added event on_put_item.
Added event on_preplayer_mined_item.
Fixed: Added checks to prevent lost items if inventory was full.

Update 0.6.4
Fixed bug related to on_entity_built event.

Update 0.6.3
Fixed some bugs related to building tiles (concrete, rail)

Update 0.6.2
Reach nerfed slightly. Still hardcoded so extended reach mods are not respected.
Items on ground marked for demo now get picked up rather than deleted.
Items marked for demo take longer to take down.
Building items now raises the on_built_entity event. Should help with mods expecting this event.
Bluebuild now places tiles like concrete.

Update 0.6.1
Fixed initialization error
Added prettier game->options->controls labels

Update 0.6.0
Added demolishing.
Added rate limiting. Blueprints are no longer built instantly.

Update 0.5.1
Fixed a crash that could occur if building while standing on top of a ghost.
Changed the default keybind to actually be "space".