A spidertron that automatically moves, constructs, upgrades and/or deconstructs entities of any size, anywhere on the map with items from your logistic network for the ultimate fire and forget automation experience and unmatched scaling potential.

1 year, 8 months ago
1 year, 8 months ago
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0.0.1 (1 year, 8 months ago)
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What is this mod about?

This mod adds a new Spidertron called a Constructron. Whenever you build ghosts or destroy or upgrade some entities, these Constructrons will set logistic request for whatever is required to build from your logistic network and move to your ghosts to construct or deconstruct etc. This will give you the ultimate fire and forget experience in building very very large blueprints or ripping out extremely large sections of your factory.

This mod is not a cheat in any way, it simply automates game mechanics. It does not magically build entities, it does not make spidertrons faster, it does not give them extra equipment. It is just a vanilla spidertron that is automatically moved to ghost locations for the construction robots to build with items created by your factory.

How do I set it up?

Step 1) Research Spidertrons
Step 2) Place a Service Station inside your logistic network
Step 3) Place a Constructron or two
Step 4) Setup the equipment grid for the Constructron(s)
Step 5) Place construction robots in the Constructron(s) Inventory
Step 6) Place a ghost or blueprint (anywhere on the map).

As long as all the required items are available in your logistic network the Constructron(s) will move to the ghost and build it.
Deconstruction and Upgrades will also be handled by Contructrons automatically.

What is a Constructron?

It's literally a Spidertron that thinks for itself.

What is a Service Station?

It's just a limited roboport that serves as a home point for Constructrons.

What do the colors mean?

White = Idling
Blue = Constructing
Red = Deconstructing
Green = Upgrading
Charcoal = Repairing

Things the mod can do:

Construct and rebuild entities that die

It can build your ghost entities. Including modules. If an inventory of a single Constructron is enough, it will send a single Constructron to do the job. if not, it will send two Constructrons to do the same job, dividing their requests by two. If two isn't enough 3, if not 4. The maximum amount of Constructrons on the same job is configurable through mod settings.

It can deconstruct trees, rocks, cliffs etc. It calculates the necessary Constructrons needed to fit the trees into their inventory and sends them accordingly. Same goes with entities without inventories. However it doesn't count items on belts, inside steel chests, robots in roboports etc. so it will not send enough Constructrons if you mark a lot of such entities with full inventories. Entities that get missed by full Constructrons will be checked and a new Constructron will be sent.

It can upgrade entities by requesting the required target items from your logistic network moving to the position, upgrading the entity or entities and then bringing the original item back and storing it in the logistic network.

As of version 1.0.14, Constructrons can repair entities by requesting repair tools from the logistic network and moving to the location the repairs are needed.

Things the mod cannot do:

Magically build ghost entities in the middle of a lake.
Spawn items from thin air

Have issues?

Enable the Debug mode to see what is going on with the Constructrons
Additionally, you can reach out for help in the discord.

Works with:

Space Exploration

Control options

/ctron help
Displays command help information

/ctron reset <parameter>
Intended for clear and restart functionality.
all - reset everything and start again
entities - clear and reverify all constructrons and stations

/ctron clear <parameter>
Intended for stopping things in progress
all - stop all jobs and clear queued jobs. ignores any actions already taken i.e build,deconstruct,upgrade

/ctron enable|disable <parameter>
Intended to start or stop doing something i.e build,deconstruct,upgrade or displaying debug information
construction - start/stop building of ghosts
rebuild - start/stop building of ghosts from entities that get destroyed
deconstruction - start/stop deconstruction of entities
ground_deconstruction - start/stop construction of entities on the ground i.e dropped items
upgrade - start/stop building entities marked for upgrade
repair - start/stop repairs on damaged buildings
debug - enable/disable the display of debug information
landfill - enable/disable the construction of landfill