Auto Deconstruct

by mindmix

This mod marks drills that have no more resources to mine for deconstruction.

a month ago
0.13 - 1.1

b Early Deconstruction of MK3 Mining Drill

1 year, 2 days ago
(updated 11 months ago)

Hey :)

I really like your mod and enjoy its usefulness.

I think the problem is how the mod works, but maybe you have a workaround.
I play Krastorio 2 and the 1.1.0 patch of it increased the mining radius of MK2 and MK3 Miners ( ). Now I have the problem, that my MK3s are disabled to early most of the time. They can now mine a 9x9 square, but if the "original" 5x5 square is empty, the mod marks the miners for deconstruction (besides the miner itself can mine other ore patches.

Sorry for my english and I hope you got my point.
Best regards

edit: Maybe this is not a problem with this mod but with krastorio or some other default setting :)

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