Armored Train (Turret wagons)

Big changes: 1. Modular turret platforms/wagons: minigun, cannon, rocket! 2. Better visuals! And more coming! 3. More bug fixing! Report if any found please!
2 months ago



  • Modular system is available to not trash any outdated wagons, and for more flexibility. Currently player can swap minigun from armored platform to minigun. (Other modules will fixed and added later). When you mine wagon/platform you will get entity + turret as items.

Laser turret?

  • I don't like the idea to put accumulator, turret and maybe a hidden wiring pole on one wagon just to make it possible. Surely it will not cause some lags. But maybe some sort of batteries will be added. Because for now something late-game needed.

Why turrets are not rotating?

  • Blame Factorio render-layers. This is the best way any modder can get it working (0.17.23)