Armored Train (Turret wagons) (0.2.15 BETA)

(If you liked older version use 1.5.2 instead!) Big changes: 1. Modular turret platforms/wagons: minigun, cannon, rocket! 2. Better visuals! And more coming! 3. More bug fixing! Report if any found please!
6 days ago
0.16 - 0.17
Owner: pandamiami80s
Source: pandamiami80s/Factorio_ArmoredTrain
License: MIT
Created: 11 months ago
Latest Version: 0.2.15 (6 days ago)
Factorio version: 0.16 - 0.17
Downloaded: 9303 times
  • Compatibility with other mod's ammo is on the way, see GitHub page. During BETA test install separately

What's inside

  • Armored Locomotive
  • Armored platform MK1
  • Armored platform MK2 (Not used, can be cheated)
  • Armored platform with radar (Not used, can be cheated)
  • Platform minigun
  • Wagon cannon
  • Wagon chaingun (same as minigun)
  • Platform rocket


  • Armored Diesel Locomotive is using tank armor, mass and attack parameters. With more power and health it is able to pull much more weight and destroy any obstacle on it's way, even other trains, players, top biters, everything. Downside is a speed, a little bit slower to balance game.
  • Armored platform MK1,2. Because of armor and health has much more weight. (In future will be some sort of modular system, when player will mine platform, he will receive a platform and a gun separately)
  • Custom hidden ammunition (For best experience)
  • Maybe new type of rails because now the "Toxic" attack of big warm is very harmful for any train and rail.
  • Platform with radar, flamethrower and rocket launcher is planned.

Change log:

v 0.2.11. BETA
1. Fixed graphics for rocket, cannon, minigun platforms/wagons.
2. Cannon platform are no more! Replaced with Cannon Wagon!
3. Other minor fixes

v 0.2.11. BETA
1. Added rocket turret!
2. Speed force of armored locomotive fixed!
3. Tech and pgrades are fixed!
4. Minor fixes.

v 0.2.0. BETA
1. Now there are platforms with turrets/cannons/ etc.
(In future they will be modular, you build 1 platform and put (I mean craft) on them whatever you want, even a radar).
2. Graphics a little bit "Strange" (Blame factorio sprite render-layers, but still looking good)
(If you don't like this BETA use 1.5.2 instead!)
3. Added more bugs and glitches.

v 0.1.52 (Use this if you don't like beta)
1. Small fixes (Hp and other minor values)

v 0.1.51
1. 0.17. version of game compatibility

v 0.1.2
1. Fixed issue with Vehicle Turret mod, now can run both. (Additional testing required)
2. Migrations are written so no broken saves, and correct map loading.
3. Fixed technology tree and descriptions.
4. Removed recipe for rocket turrets. (They are still in game, will add them in future updates as soon as I fix them and add turret cannons)
5. Minor fixes.
6. Added new bugs. (Report if any stuff is broken)

v 0.1.11:
1. Now able to install turret only in minigun wagon, not vanilla one. The vanilla one is working like a storage as it should be.
2. Expanded selection box so player can repair his turrets.
3. Fixed displayed names.

v 0.1.1:
Fixed sprite bug on startup.

v 0.1.0:
Initial release.


Version 1.5.2: I am using scrips written by different users in this mod! Any script in this mod was remade from mods listed below, all rights belongs to that users!

Special thanks

  • Diesel Locomotive. by evildogbot100 (Graphics).
  • Vehicle turrets. by Astrinaar (Core Script).
  • YuokiTani (Graphics of platforms and wagons)
  • Earendel (Graphics of radar and turrets)