Just go!

by folk
Instantly pops you into a filtered vehicle when you place it within reach of the player character, and picks it up again when you exit.
1 year, 6 months ago
0.14 - 0.16
Owner: folk
Source: folknor/factorio-justgo
Homepage: https://forums.factorio.com/viewtopic...
License: CC-BY-NC 4.0
Created: 2 years ago
Latest Version: 0.2.3 (1 year, 6 months ago)
Factorio version: 0.14 - 0.16
Downloaded: 2023 times

Just GO!

A teeny tiny mod that instantly pops you into a vehicle when you place it from a filtered quickbar slot, and it is within the reach of your character.

It also picks the vehicle up again when you disembark, but this can be turned off (it is enabled by default) with a runtime per-player option in the mod settings.

Works very nice in combination with my other addon, Automated Fuel and Ammo.

How to make it work

  1. Filter any slot in your quick bar to a car or locomotive (middle-click the slot with your mouse)
  2. Place the vehicle in the quickbar slot
  3. Either pick it up with the mouse or use the slots hotkey (1-5/Shift+1-5)
  4. Place the vehicle on the ground within your characters reach

You will be instantly put into the vehicle. Now just go!


There is a runtime per-user setting (enabled by default) that tells the mod whether or not it should automatically mine (pick up) quickbar-filtered vehicles when you exit them.


0.2.3: 0.16 bump.
0.2.2: Check if the vehicle is valid before we try picking it up.
0.2.1: I forgot you can store LuaEntity in the globals; makes the auto-pickup code much smaller.
0.2.0: Added option to automatically pick up the vehicle when you exit (enabled by default).
0.1.3: Add support for trains.
0.1.2: Publish for 0.15. No changes.
0.1.1: Ensure we trigger on_player_driving_changed_state so that the mod works with Pavement Drive Assist
0.1.0: Initial release