High Caliber Guns

Projectile weapons shoot at half speed but with double or more damage per shot. Adds several new projectile weapons and entities. This mod is designed for increased difficulty enemies (deathworld), and might be overpowered for default

7 days ago
4 months ago
Latest Version:
0.3.0 (7 days ago)
Factorio version:
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Projectile weapons that scale better through the science progress

  • Projectile weapons shoot at half speed but with double or more damage per shot
  • Modifies bullet ammo to be stronger, but bigger (stack size reduced to 100) and 50% more expensive
    (cost of recipes that use piercing ammo as ingredient are altered to compensate)
  • Altered shotguns and shotgun shells to be more specialized + New type of incendiary shell
  • New graphics and sounds

New personal weapons added

  1. Punchy slow-shooting handgun with increased damage bonus
  2. Long range sniper rifle that has the drawback of a long cooldown and nearly locking you in place during the cooldown
  3. Heavy damage rotary autocannon for close range combat which is using two tiers of custom ammo crates
    (Recommended using power armor with shields as shooting the autocannon slows down the movement by 90%)
  4. Piercing precision weapon that can one-shot behemoths or slice through a line of weaker enemies

New game entities

  1. Heavy gun turret - A larger (3x3 tiles) turret which uses Autocannon ammo crates for very powerful damage (use in games with increased enemy difficulty or mods with tougher enemies). Avenger ammo is expensive so use sparingly...

Each new weapon can be individually enabled or disabled in the settings
(for example, if you feel the sniper rifle is too cheaty as it outranges worms)

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