Factorio but you build your factory in a restricted space that teleports yourself, the platform, and everything on it to a new and uncharted planet in an unknown corner of space, time and the universe while constantly under attack from enemies. This mod increases the difficulty of factorio by making construction harder and making biters a more significant threat, resulting in a unique experience of factorio'ing in a tight space and under pressure, almost like a tower defence game.

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0.17 - 1.1

g License - CC Attribution & Please be unique

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Basically, please don't clone/re-upload my mods with 2 changes or less.
If you're interested to expand on one of my mods, feel free to do so under the condition that you do something unique or flavorful with it that undoubtedly distinguishes your version of the mod from the original.
So to speak, please take your version of the mod in a different direction.

Multiple mods with the same premise, overlapping features and identical gameplay just make both mods less enjoyable and less accessible. So please be original <3

Example; forking warptorio with a different layout for the platforms and without any other changes, or forking spaceblock to put its recipes in a special assembler and without any other changes, these would be inappropriate.

An example of this done appropriately is how the mod Mobile Factory is forked from Harvestorio, but has taken a very different direction for its features.

Otherwise "standard" open-license rules apply - accreditation to the original author (myself) and a link to the original work.

If you're unsure, you can contact me on discord. https://discord.gg/a9CNarA

That is all.
Thankyou for your cooperation, happy developing!

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