Von Neumann

by kizrak

Von Neumann Mod! Who wants to be a sack of blood and bones when you can be an hyper-intelligent self-replicating robot! This is a scenario!

a month ago
0.17 - 1.1


Q) What is the general purpose of this mod?
A) This mod is intended to be a scenario. Your character is a Von Neumann probe (self replicating AI) that has crash landed on a distant alien planet. Your objectives are to assess your situation, rebuild your damaged equipment, build up infrastructure in preparation for human colonization of the planet, and ultimately launch yourself back into space to continue your journey to the stars!

Q) Why don't I have a body?
A) This mod is designed around the idea that you're an AI controlling a crashed probe. Rather than doing things with your hands (what hands? You're not even a robot!) you order your minions around to get the job done.

Q) I can't pick anything up and I don't have existing blueprints for things I need. How can I play?
A) You'll need to turn on the "Pick ghost item if no items are available" setting under the 'Interaction' section of 'Interface Settings'. With that option enable, you can click a slot in your toolbar and choose an item. Then click again to put the ghost of that item on your finger. You can also grab a ghost of an item placed in the world by pressing Q when hovering over it. Also, use the new Copy-Cut-Paste options on your toolbar.

Q) There are lots of items on the ground, how can I pick them up without deconstructing my structures?
A) Create a decon blueprint and put it on your toolbar, then place in your inventory. Right click it to edit. Click one of the empty tiles, then go to the ? tab and select the second X, labeled "item on ground". There are also several other useful things here. "Entity ghost" is a ghosted item in the world, so you can cancel a large ghosted plan with this. "Tile ghost" is for tiles, aka concrete and other roads - useful against griefers who want to concrete your whole base. "Item request slot" can be used to deliver items to structures such as bullets to turrets or cancel that delivery request. You can also use the 'Trees/rocks only' checkbox to set the planner to remove those items easily.

Q) What's the timeline for this mod to be finished?
A) Is any mod every really 'finished'? The concept of the mod itself is still in early stages so honestly we we're not really sure where we're going with this just yet. Feel free to contribute ideas and suggestions and let us know how we're doing!

Q) Is this mod compatible with other mods?
A) Pyrofire has generously tested compatibility with Factorissimo and Teleporters. As this mod is early alpha, we have not yet tested other compatibility.

Q) What is "Companionship"? Is it required to play?
A) Companionship is another mod by the developer. The idea is to encourage multiplayer activity and discourage single-player offline obsessiveness. Think of it like the car breathalyzers to prevent drunk drivers or therapy dogs to prevent folks on the Autism spectrum from self harm. The mod was originally required due to a design flaw. It has now been moved to a separate mode for flexibility.

Q) Why is this mod incomplete?
A) Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.