Vanilla Loaders HD

by Kirazy
Adds tiered loaders with a vanilla look and feel, now including HD sprites. Settings available for more complex recipes, particularly when paired with Bob's logistics. Supports Loader Redux integration.
3 days ago
Author: Kirazy
Source: N/A
Homepage: N/A
License: MIT
Created: a month ago
Latest Version: 0.16.13 (3 days ago)
Factorio version: 0.16
Downloaded: 1440 times


Adds loaders to Factorio that match the vanilla-aesthetic. Ported and adapted from Vanilla Loaders 0.15 by Thaui. Supports Bob's Logistics, Bob's Plates, Bob's Electronics, and Loader Redux integration.

For backwards compatibility, the recipes are by default the ones in the original mod. However, by using settings in Bob's Logistics and this mod, one may increase the complexity of the loader recipes. See the attached spreadsheet for details.

Additionally, if you also add Loader Redux, this mod will use the loader-logic and snapping provided by Loader Redux instead of its own. This mod will respect snapping and train settings, found under Mod Settings -> Loader Redux. You can also choose to use this mod to reskin Loader Redux to match the vanilla-aesthetic, and maintain the recipes and research of Loader Redux. See the settings below.

When Loader Redux is present, by default loaders are obtained using separate research technologies provided by that mod. However, a setting exists that allows you to choose to obtain loaders from the Logistics technologies in Startup Mod settings. A note, any other mod that depends on Loader Redux's technologies may cause the game to fail to start should you disable that setting. To protect against this, it is on by default.


Recipe overhaul: Overhaul loaders with a complete recipe rewrite. When Bob's Logistics "Transport belt overhaul" is enabled, recipes will align with Bob's mods. Default off.

Requires Bob's Logistics:
Recipes include inserters: Include inserters in loader recipes. Requires "Recipe overhaul" and Bob's Logistics "Transport belt overhaul" to be enabled. Default on.

Requires Loader Redux:
Loader Redux basic loader: Add a basic loader with Loader Redux style recipes, and adjust the regular loader to account for it. Requires "Loader Redux recipes" and Bob's Logistics "Transport belt overhaul" to be enabled. Default on.

To use Vanilla Loaders HD to reskin Loader Redux, and nothing else, enable the following:
Loader Redux recipes: Use Loader Redux item recipes for loaders. Default off.
Loader Redux research: Use Loader Redux research for loaders. Default on. WARNING: Disabling may cause compatibility issues with mods dependent on Loader Redux research pathways.


- Revised Loader Redux research setting to be default on, to protect against compatibility issues for other mods dependent on Loader Redux technologies. Warning now included in setting mouse-over.

- Fixed crash if Bob's logistics transport belt overhaul was enabled, but Vanilla Loaders HD recipe overhaul was not.
- Fixed LoaderRedux modifying recipes when it should not have been.
- Fixed recipes being modified when Bob's logistic transport belt overhaul was not enabled, but Vanilla Loaders HD recipe overhaul was.
- Miscellaneous code fixes to Loader Redux integration.
- Now with a test matrix, to hopefully avoid future crashes slipping into releases.

- Fixed crash when Bob's Logistics was not installed.

- Fixed Bob's Plates/Electronics not updating Loader recipe with "Loader Redux recipes" enabled.
- Fixed that basic loader was being added to the game when it was not supposed to be, causing the game to fail to start.
- Changed loader graphics to be generated using color masking.

- Added support for Loader Redux.
-- When Loader Redux is installed, Vanilla Loaders HD uses Loader Redux's loader behaviors, and respects snap logic and train logic as set in Loader Redux's mod settings.
-- Reskins Loader Redux entities and technologies.
-- Supports using Loader Redux recipes. Off by default.
-- Supports using Loader Redux style research. Off by default.
- Miscellaneous code improvements.

- Added sprite overrides for Bob's Logistics basic transport belt and derivatives. Now in color!
- Fixed bug with low-resolution sprites causing mod to fail to load.

- Fixed that inserters were appearing as an ingredient when they should not have been.
- Due to ShinyIcons native support, removed redundant code.
- Changed the recipe ingredient Filter Inserters to Stack Filter Inserters when using the hardest recipe settings.

- Fixed inconsistent loader recipe for a particular setting configuration (Steel -> Iron)

- Changed lowest tier loader to have at most 4 items, allowing it to be built sooner in assemblers.
- Added Basic Loader (Tier 0) for Bob's Logistics.
- Added "Recipe overhaul" and "Recipes include inserters" settings. Description above.
- Fixed ShinyIcon support.
- Fixed inventory sorting absent ShinyIcon. Loaders will now be on Bob's Logistics tab when mod is present.
- Fixed adverse interaction with Bob's logistics transport belt speed overhaul (massive item stacking on belts).

- Fixed HD shadows.

- Revamped HD sprites to correct some awkward inconsistencies.

- Initial public release.