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Become the transportation tycoon of Nauvis! Build supply chains, supply cities, and cater to the needs of an ever-growing population. Warning: Best played without biters, because Tycoon structures don't respawn yet.

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Transportation Manufacturing
9 months ago
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0.4.1 (a day ago)
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This mod is in beta

Warning: Does currently not work well with biters.

The core game concepts, such as supplying a city, helping it grow, funding more cities and transporting passengers have been implemented. Give them a try and let me know what you think! You're welcome to suggest additional supply chains, city names, achievements and anything you're interested in :)

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What is this mod about?

Cities are coming to Factorio! With Tycoon you can help cities grow by providing them goods from various supply chains. Enjoy the gameplay style of games like Transport Tycoon or Transport Fever, right in your favourite factory game.

You can play it along other mods or the vanilla game. Resources that you supply to the city eventually become science packs that you can use for the other content of the game.

How should I play it?

You can start by installing it, and then launching a new freeplay (ideally without biters). Check out the town hall nearby, and start growing your city. Research housing technologies to upgrade your city and generate currency. Share your city screenshots and feedback in the discussion section of this mod!

More content will be added with future updates. Check the roadmap below!

Where can I provide feedback?

I'm looking forward to hearing your feedback! What did you enjoy, what should be added, and what is not so nice? You can open a thread in the discussion of this mod or hop onto the mod's Discord: https://discord.gg/kwkXUxasNT


0.1.0 - Done

With 0.1.0 you start with one city, and three housing tiers. Each of those needs additional resources to grow. You can find some resources nearby, but need to explore and build trains to collect more from the every expanding map. Use the currency that you get from selling resources to improve your factories and farms.

0.2.0 - Done

With 0.2.0 you can fund new cities (up to 6 total) and transport passengers. You have access to new technologies, and new ways to spend your hard earned currency. The GUI for Tycoon also received a major overhaul.

This release also brings you public transportation. Help citizens to get to other cities quickly, and get rewarded nicely!

0.3.0 - Done

This update focuses on making city growth nicer to work with. Instead of requiring 100% supply levels, it now features a chance based modifier if you don't supply 100% of everything. There are a couple of quality of life changes regarding city growth as well.

Future Ideas

This version range may still see changes that break your savegames, but they are less likely. If you see a new 0.x version (e.g. from 0.1.9 to 0.2.0) that may update may break your savegame.

Some ideas that I'll be looking into (no guarantee and subject to change):
- Farms
- Factories
- More types of houses
- City decorations
- and much more.

Feel free to suggest features and ideas in the discussion section.


That's still a bit far away. No plans on when this will be released, or what it will include.

Thank yous

Huge thank you to the #mod-making channel on Factorio's Discord, and especially to Bilka who helped me with a lot of mistakes!