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by Dustine

GUI utility to ease formatting rich text and inserting tags (those emoji like icons) on Factorio 0.17+

4 years ago
4 years ago
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0.3.1 (4 years ago)
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Factorio Tag Helper

GUI utility to ease formatting rich text and inserting tags (those emoji like icons) on Factorio 0.17+

New in 0.3

Holding Control/Cmd when inserting tags (as in, item/fluid/recipes/... icons) will replace the first @ character present on the output box with the icon; doing the same with colours will paint inside the outermost <> brackets, replacing them as well (and the closing bracket is optional!). A hacky workaround until I get selections working properly~.


This mod is meant to make dealing with Rich Text encoding on Factorio a tad easier (and without any outside reference, to boot). Press ALT + PERIOD, by default, to activate it.

A menu will appear with all possible tags, just click on any at your discretion and they'll plomp down on the output below. Toggle the output to expand the rich text tags if one wants to tweak them manually.

Oh, and you can search by typing on the upper bar. Easy peasy.

Thank yous

To my co-players over the Fungeon, for giving me the energy for this project and deal with this personal pet peeve.
And to the developer of Factory Planner, who their code was both an inspiration, and indispensable help with stuff like search and sorting.


This is a work-in-progress mod and its full spec is rather hampered by the current limitations of the Factorio Modding API, but specially my lack of time. I did this for fun over an extended weekend (make it two now), so um, future development might be slow to non-existent? Just branch it over here if you wish to update it in my lieu, and I apologize in advance for my spaghetti code.


  • <input disabled type="checkbox"> Better README.md
  • <input disabled type="checkbox"> Clean this filthy, filthy codebase
  • <input disabled type="checkbox"> Add HSL and Hex support for custom colours
  • <input disabled type="checkbox"> Spruce up the interface


  • <input disabled type="checkbox"> Colour & tag historic
  • <input disabled type="checkbox"> Fuzzy search
  • <input disabled type="checkbox"> Translation support (asynchronous and player-based, so will require a rewrite)
  • <input disabled type="checkbox"> Have formatting respect the output's selection (requires API request)