FTL but it's actually Factorio-er Than Light. Factorio but the player is also a factory. Build a titanic space ship out of special rooms, with each room adding to the overall shape and function of your starship. You then build your factory throughout these rooms. This mod changes up factory building by giving you infinitely expandable space but with unique limitations. *Coming soon: Control a fleet of ships and space stations and battle the biters procedurally generated alien(?) starships, and something about planets*
3 months ago
Owner: PyroFire
Source: N/A
License: PyroFire's Factorio Mod License
Created: 3 months ago
Latest Version: 0.1.6 (3 months ago)
Factorio version: 0.17
Downloaded: 1141 times


FTL but it's actually Factorio-er Than Light.

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This mod is canon to Warptorio2, occurring many years after the events in that mod.

As the news of the fabled warp reactor spread amongst the stars, the technology was deemed far too outlandish and overpowered, ultimately being outlawed.
However there were so many who still believed in the good it could do for the Warptic Empire, and a galactic civil war shortly followed.
This war broke the boundaries of the warp dimension and shattered the very fabric reality into countless pieces, with all the planets and the stars having turned to dust.
You, and a few survivors have made it out of the Warp War and are surviving on the very edge of existence, no longer fighting, but desperately drawing together what resources you can to stay alive.

Powered by the mastery of warp technology, you and your fellow survivors can construct titanic starships with ease and travel grand distances among the cosmos to fulfill your unending quest for resources.


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