Smart chest

A new way to transport items and to build bases (now with filters).

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2 years ago
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1.0.1 (1 year, 7 months ago)
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This mod offer a new way of building a base based on the new linked container.

It adds 8 chests associated with 8 colors, and a new selection tool.

When you select a set of chest with the selection tool, all selected chests with the same colors will be linked, ie they will share the same inventory.

To build a factory setup,
- choose a color for each ingredient and a color for each production.
- Use the chests for input and output.
- Link all with the selection tool.
- Add stuff to feed one of the ingredient chest
- Add stuff to get the items from one production chest

The linked chests are very efficient (UPS).

And more

  • a new combinator : the chest content reader which can read the content of the smart chest which is behind it. (NOW OBSOLETE, USE DIRECT CONNECTION TO THE CHEST)
  • a filter can be set on each slot in the chest to limit quantity of specified items (use middle button on slot)
  • the visualization of the chests linked to the selected one
  • a filter panel to choose which chest will be linked by the selection tool
  • the configuration of the number of slot per type of chest
  • use shift with the linking tool to add to the existings linked chests
  • mining a non-empty chest returns a single item which can put back on the map with its full content

Using generic and autolink

  • you can build a generic chest. When put on the map, it will morph to a coloured chest. The kind of coloured is selected by clicking on the chest image in the smartchest panel.
  • If the "generic chest" option is selected in the startup settings, a colored chest give a generic chest by mining, and all the recipes for coloured chests are removed
  • the autolink mode allow to put chest which are automatically group together. To begin a new group, select the chest image in the smartchest panel.
  • The pipette tool with autolink mode allows to add new chest to an existing group.
  • You can copy (right shift click) the settings of a chest and past (left shift click) to another chest (pas. The second chest will be grouped to the first chest.

A complete medium size base using smart chest (1300 spm)

The demonstration game
(now use filters)