Modular Turrets

by wodzu93

Adds 8 (15 counting variations) new turrets for dealing with alien menace, as well as other military-related items. Good compliment to mods that add new biter types, like Rampant or Natural Evolution.

13 days ago
0.15 - 0.18
3 years ago
Latest Version:
5.3.2 (13 days ago)
Factorio version:
0.15 - 0.18
65581 times

Mod spotlights:
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New content:

1) Turrets:
Scattergun - uses shotgun ammo, green tech.
Heavy MG - uses bullet ammo, green + military tech.
Gatling - uses bullet ammo, very fast rate of fire, green + military tech.
Light Cannon - uses cannon shells, green + military tech.
Dual Cannon - uses cannon shells, blue + military tech.
Heavy Cannon - uses cannon shells, long range, high-tech + military tech.
Rocket Launcher - uses rockets, blue + military tech.
Thermal Laser - uses electricity, high damage slow firing laser, high-tech + military tech.
Gamma Beam - uses electricity, linear AOE, space science tech.

All turrets other than Scattergun come with basic and advanced variations. Basic model is more sturdy, Advanced has more range and tracking speed. Unlike other turret mods, these turrets are not meant to be direct upgrades of each other on the most part, and all have a specific use case each. DPS levels are somewhat comparable to vanilla turrets as well.

2) New late-game radars:
New Sentry Radar - no sector scanning, 9 chunk radius map reveal.
New Scanning Radar - fast sector scanning, 25 chunk scan radius, 1 chunk radius map reveal.

3) Other new items:
- Hardened Inserter, those modded biters won't destroy ammo resupply so easily now.
- Slowdown ammo variants (bullet, cannon, rocket), slow enemies down before they get to the turrets! Also very useful while escaping from biters during player raids.
- Light and heavy cannon shell variants that hit instantly (like bullets). Mainly to use with cannon turrets, but nothing prevents you from loading a Tank with these. Uranium upgrades also available.
- Rocket Packs (normal and explosive), that launch with much more velocity than normal rockets.
- Uranium Shotgun Shells, so shotgun no longer stays behind bullet weapons in terms of damage.
- HMG and Thermal Laser turret heads can also be used as handheld gun/power armor equipment respectively. Both carry over stats from basic turret variant.

Art for turrets other than scattergun from game titled Original War, buy it here: