Water Placeable Lamps

Makes lamps and modded lamps placeable on water. Useful for Cargo Ships and Beautiful Bridge Railways/Schall Overseas Railway mods in conjunction with mods that alter brightness like Clockwork.

7 months ago

g Conflict with Geothermal Energy

1 year, 20 days ago

This mod has a bug when using Geothermal Energy by Reika (with Alien Biomes, as suggested), you will be unable to place the Geothermal wells because this mod does something to the lights they include.

1 year, 8 days ago

I loaded up Geothermal, Alien Biomes, and this mod, and I had no problems placing Geothermal Wells. Perhaps it's another mod that's causing the conflict?


1 year, 8 days ago


While investigating the issue with Lightorio, I took a look at this. I'm certain this mod is to blame for the issue, I suspect you'll need to add a similar exception to your logic as for Lightorio.

The only mods I had enabled were the dependencies for geothermal, and this mod:

Not clear how it was functioning correctly for you.

Might you be better off changing your data-updates logic to be for "small-lamp" only? This will make vanilla lamps placeable on water, but won't break modded lamps. Not clear if there's a specific reason you're updating all lamps.


1 year, 8 days ago

Okay, so apparently, it would if you were in editor mode.
I added the fix for Lightorio and did the same thing for the Geothermal light, so it should be working now in the newest build.

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