Resource Spawner Overhaul

by orzelek

Overhauls resource spawning system.

13 days ago
0.14 - 1.1

g Compatibilty with Space Exploration is impossible?

3 years ago with this mod from Earendel
May be u can look at this mod and write special options for it?

3 years ago

Whole release of v5 is to make it possible.
It's not fully compatible yet since it doesn't work by default - resource changes from space exploration need to be translated by me in RSO somehow. I didn't figure out a good solution yet so I'm kinda waiting what more will happen with space exploration while figuring out how to apply changes from map settings to RSO configs to make it sensible.
Current version would actually work with space exploration - you'd just get significantly less resources to the point where exploration of asteroids belts for example would be useless.

3 years ago

Like i wrote on forums already, and also to few people, who were asking about compatibility with my mod.
SX is mod in development, it's hardly a month out (actually somewhere around 6 weeks since first version), people should not expect other mods to start making compatibility patches with mod, that has not reached stable phase. (he uploads even multiple versions during single day).

If anything people should ask for compatibility patches Earendel, not other way around.
For now he already marked some mods incompatible, because doesn't plan to fix compatibility in near future (no rso is not one of them).

I will wait, until cadence of SX releases settles around 1 or 2 versions per week, they i will start fixing compatibility and IMHO that should do all mod developers, that plan to be compatible with SX.

2 years ago

More than 1 year since last reply. RSO is still banned from Space Exploration.

Any news?

2 years ago

It won't happen most likely - even with RSO working with multiple surfaces Space Exploration has a lot more requirements to make it work at least decently. And there are some ways it's using resource frequency that simply don't work with RSO.

2 years ago
(updated 2 years ago)

isnt it possible to just disable RSO features in situations where its incompatible with space explorations?
When you say multiple surfaces, so disable RSO for them. I dont know how and whether that works, just reconsidering solving the incompatibility where its not possible beside the main idea solve the problem instead of disabling it. i think most of us are happy when RSO works on main planet.

In this way i want to add my interest in compability between rso and Space-X ;)

2 years ago

It's not that.. easy. One thing with SE is that it limits all the surfaces. I think that RSO could work.. decently for planet like stuff but other ones might be a problem.
One thing is - RSO can be either enabled or not and thats a data stage decision. Autoplace controls that RSO removes can't be modified in runtime. I would need to change the way RSO disables ores to make it possible for handling only one surface and leave others working normally.

Seeing that there is interest in making those two work together is good for me also - I haven't looked at SE from quite some time. I might decide at some point to try and go back to info I have about how SE works and see if I can interpret SE's planet data in some reasonable way in RSO.

2 years ago

That would be really great! My friend and I are running into this problem now actually. We'd love to be able to run both compatibly!

2 years ago

Orzelek would it be at all possible to modify region size based on surface ID? That would be a simple solution if its even possible. Another potential solution would be to add land under ore patches in the space surfaces, though youd have to worry about location because I think space ex generates special horizontal terrain or something which is a lot to worry about.

2 years ago

Modification of region size per surface is not something I looked into and it might be possible. The thing is that from what I remember SE uses frequency a lot to modify spawning of resources and RSO uses it in different way that doesn't work well together.
I talked with Earendel a bit and there was also topic of tile restrictions. I don't really have a way to respect that in RSO so it would need to be ignored I think.
Spawning terrain under ore in space is feasible and I think the limit was to not go above certain height to make area wide belt.

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