Resource Map Label Marker

by kizrak

Creates resource map label markers when chunks get generated and charted. See resources through fog of war. Please review settings and consult details below before starting!! πŸš€ #icon #resources #map #reveal #label #markers #chunks #generated #chart #tag #map #ore #count #fog of war

4 months ago
0.17 - 1.1

i No Labels after trim an surface

3 years ago
Could you provide an command, to reset all labels and scan again (on current surface)?

3 years ago
(updated 3 years ago)

You can check the information tab of the mod page for more details on the available commands, but I believe the command you are looking for is:
/resourcemarker retag

3 years ago

cool, if only it was always so easy to just read the info page correctly ;-) thanks

2 years ago

So the issue with retag is, that it removes all player set tags. Which is bad. Couldn't retag just check for the format the mod uses and remove only those types of tags? Format being like "resource symbol" followed by "resource name" and "amount". So it wouldn't remove all my carefully placed tags where I produce which circuits etc.

2 years ago
(updated 2 years ago)

I have a ticket to fix this, but as there is one to allow dynamic/formattable tags, so this gets complicated. I do accept Pull Requests if you wish to submit a code fix. 😎

Thank you.

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