Resource Map Label Marker

by kizrak

Creates resource map label markers when chunks get generated and charted. See resources through fog of war. Please review settings and consult details below before starting!! 🚀 #icon #resources #map #reveal #label #markers #chunks #generated #chart #tag #map #ore #count #fog of war

2 hours ago
0.17 - 1.1
3 years ago
Latest Version:
0.7.31 (2 hours ago)
Factorio version:
0.17 - 1.1
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44.6K users

Creates resource map label markers when chunks get generated and charted. See resources through fog of war.

⚠ Incorrect settings can cause dissatisfaction, and leading to writing an entirely new mod from not read the settings first. 🤯

I'm less likely to update this page when updating settings, so the in-game settings tool-tip are the ideal place to get your information. But there are a few that seem to cause lots of problems for people, so I'll add a few gotchas here, but know that this will probably fall out of date before the first person reads it, so read the in-game information please! 🧡

⭐ Before you start a map, if you want to know if the map is going to be good shortly after starting, you probably want to enable the settings to reveal map and generate adjacent chunks and set the starting chunk radius to generate as high as your machine/you can tolerate the lag. This will cause the first 2-20 minutes of your game to be laggy, but will give you a good idea if the map is going to have the resource distribution you want. Using Ringworld style map (height = 800), I find that radius 80 makes me happy, but apparently, this number destroys most peoples machines (at least those who post in the discussions tab of this mod). I probably cannot give you a good number, because every time I change it someone post about it not being right for them in the discussions tab 😢. You'll need to experiment🔬. To give you a since of scale, vanilla game-play gives about 7 chunk radius of vision at the start.

⭐ If you think knowing your resources at the start is cheating OR you do not like any lag at the start of the game, then please disable revealing and adjacent chunks, and set the starting chunk radius to 0 before you start the map.

ℹ The mod setting Starting chunk radius to generate tells the map how many chunks around the starting location (0,0) to generate at the start of the game. This can cause serious negative performance for most machines if this setting is too high. If you experience intolerable lag at the start of your game, it is probably because this number is too high. Most machines can probably handle a value of 8, while very few can handle 80.

⌨ Starting with 0.7.25, the mod uses a unified command line argument handler:
🆕 Enter /resourcemarker help for more details.

⌨ 0.6.24 and before uses four commands:
1️⃣ /generate-chunks <radius in chunks> "Generate chunks around starting area (in chunk radius)."
2️⃣ /chart-generated-chunks "Reveal all generated chunks to player's force."
3️⃣ /clear-map-tags-and-data "Remove all labels for the given user's force."
4️⃣ /reset-map-tags-and-data "Remove all labels for the given user's force and then re-tag all resources with new labels."

USP friendly, all code happens exclusively on:

#icon #resources #map #reveal #label #markers #chunks #generated #chart #tag #map #ore #count #fog of war

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