Silicon and Quartz

Adds Quartz and Silicon, made from sand and stone. Adds Silicon to some recipes, as well as a Silicon Wafer, a new intermediate product for Processing Units.

15 days ago
2 months ago
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0.1.7 (15 days ago)
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Adds Silicon and Quartz to the game! Turn stone into sand which can be turned into quartz and then smelted into silicon. Silicon is used in Advanced Circuits and Solar Panels, as well as one new intermediate product, the Silicon Wafer, which is used for Processing units. Live out your TSMC dreams in factorio now.

This mod adds a little complexity to the game for a Vanilla+ like experience. Playtested for balance, Silicon and Quartz demand will be a mainstay of your factory and will have to planned around. I suggest building a large stone->sand->quartz->silicon facility in the midgame and then scale it up to the lategame, comparable to say, about 2/3 of your copper smelting. Fortunately while your stone demand will be higher, the main constraint will not be resource demands but rather design considerations for you turn that sand into silicon, which makes the mod very enjoyable for a vanilla+ kind of game. This does make the game the lategame a lot harder, as producing blue circuits is significantly more expensive and stone becomes an important resource, almost to the degree of iron and copper, but it is a welcome challenge.

This mod is part of my Vanilla+ Modset, which also includes (more coming!)

Combine it with other mods like Lead or Titanium for just a slightly higher level of added complexity.

Requires Jackzie's Sand and Glass mod which is a dependency and generally plays really well with. Inspired by Schnurrebutz's Tiny Overhaul mod and borrows some graphics from that mod as well.