Quality of Life research

Adds bonuses and optionally research for bigger bags (more inventory space), movement/walking/running speed, character hand crafting speed, long reach (optional far resource reach), and player mining speed. Use settings to choose which ones you want, either through research or by just choosing a value yourself.

1 year, 5 months ago
0.15 - 1.1


Q: How can I make a custom configuration?
A: Check out https://qol-research.aidiakapi.com, and change the configuration settings there. While the tool checks for a lot of mistakes, it cannot confirm than any prerequisites or ingredients actually exist in the game, which'll cause the game to fail to load. To fix this, go to your <user_data_directory>/mods folder, and delete the mod-settings.dat file. This will reset all settings. If you're worried about this, make a backup of this file in advance.

Q: How to uninstall the mod?
A: Since Factorio doesn't reset the technology effects when you uninstall a mod, simply removing the mod might leave them lingering. The easiest way to solve this is to go into settings before uninstalling, and set all flat bonus and multiplier settings to 0. This'll effectively disable any bonuses, and the mod can then safely be removed.

Alternatively, if you've already uninstalled the mod, you can run this console command to fix it:
/c for _, force in pairs(game.forces) do force.reset_technology_effects() end
Note that running console commands will disable achievements.

Q: I've used a command or mod to undo completing a research, but the bonuses are still there, what do I do?
A: Type /qol-sync in the console. This will not disable achievements!

Q: Why doesn't this mod work with other mod name?
A: This'll mostly happen with overhaul mods that rewrite the tech tree. Post your savefile (with both mods enabled) in the discussion or on GitHub, and I'll take a look at it.