Production Analyst

Analyze the consumption of an item or fluid on demand, throughout your entire factory. Designed to be very UPS-friendly.

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1.1.0 (a day ago)
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Ever wonder where all your copper plates were going? Or what's eating up all your steel? This mod allows you to evaluate how an item or fluid is used throughout your factory. It works by monitoring the various entities that directly consume the item or fluid for a specified period of time. It's designed to have minimal UPS impact when a run is in progress and zero UPS impact when not in use. It should work well in both vanilla and modded games. While it was made to be multiplayer-compatible, it has NOT been tested there so use it there at your own risk.

As this mod does not modify any in-game entities, it should be quite safe to add to or remove to your games at any time.

How to use

  1. Open the mod using the button in the top left of your screen or the keyboard shortcut (default: Ctrl + P).
  2. Click on the green plus button in the top left of the queue panel to add an item or fluid to the queue. A task will be created and will be set to run for whatever duration you had set in the run time slider in the bottom right part of the window.
  3. Click on the "Start" button to start the analysis. You should start seeing a breakdown of the consumption of the item or fluid you chose by recipe. This will continue to get updated for the duration of that run.

Note that you can add multiple tasks to the queue. They will run one after the other. Once a task has been started, it will appear in the history panel. You can select it there to view the results as they're getting updated. You can check the FAQ for additional details.

Known limitations

  • Only direct consumption in recipes is monitored (this includes smelting). Consumption of an item or fluid as fuel or by miners is not accounted for.
  • The mod identifies which entities it needs to monitor at the beginning of each run, so anything you build after a run has begun will not be included in the results.
  • Recipes that produce one of their ingredients (like Kovarex enrichment) are not handled properly at the moment. Only their consumption is recognized. I'm hoping to address this in the future.
  • You may encounter a very brief stutter at the very beginning of a run if you have one or more very large surfaces as the game has to search through them for relevant entities. This has been addressed in v.1.1.0.

Found a bug?

You can either report it here in a discussion thread or on Github. It's best if you're able to provide specific steps to reproduce it. The more information you're able to provide the better.

Similar mods

  • Usage Detector by zomis is the most similar to this mod and inspired early versions of it.
  • Factory Inspector by Aurensar has a broader scope than this mod and is intended to monitor all consumption throughout your factory all the time.


CC BY-NC-ND 4.0. Note that any in-game use of the mod while streaming or in Youtube videos is allowed, including for commercial purposes.


Mod button icon: Table by IconMark from the Noun Project


Thanks to SummerAxel and EvilBaguette for their feedback and testing :)